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Hello there,
I was so pleased to see there was a section for the Howard's Way diet. My friend did it about a year ago, so I have decided to give it a go. I am in my second week and have found it surprisingly easier than I thought. I just had a quick read on the other two threads and it all looks quite friendly.
Hopefully someone will come back to me.
Love Abbie.:)
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Hello Abbie,
Well done on getting through your first week, it is plain sailing now.
How many weeks do you think you have to do? The reason I ask is, you could do a ticker, which shows how much you have lost and how much you have left to do. I love updating it and seeing how much weight I have left to do. It's like a count down if you like. Lady Gaga on the other thread made me think about it, as it's very rewarding to fill in.
I will keep checking your thread and try and give you as much support as I can. You have such an exciting time ahead of you and will fill like a million dollars.
Keep up the good work and let us know how you are getting on.

Love Holly.X


really trying again!
S: 19st2lb C: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 2st2lb(11.19%)
Hi Abbie- welcome to the forum. The support and friendliness you get on here is second to none. well done on getting to your second week too. You've done the hardest part- now just keep focussed on whatever your goal is and keep us posted of your progress. Hope you had a good first week loss too to spur you on xx
Hello to you both,

Thank you so much for all your encouragement, it really does mean a lot to me. I am sorry I didn't come back sooner, but I have now joined a gym and decided I am going to be fit as well as slim.....well that is my idea anyway, but as my husband said 'is it a 5 min wonder?' who knows, we will wait and see.
I will try and do the ticker, so be back in a mo.
Love Abbie.X
Thank goodness!!

My ticker is working? I am not sure what I was doing and if I am trueful I still don't really know what I did to make it work, but I am really pleased it's there. (I checked on another thread).

As you can see I have done so well (without boasting). I cannot believe it, I haven't even done a full two weeks yet and 15 pounds I have lost. I know it will slow down, but it really has given me the start I needed. I really do know I can do this now.
I just cannot believe you can lose so much weight in such a short time and feel so good at the same time.... I promise not to go on, but I am so excited and feel like I can really make this work. I am not in la la land, I do know I have a very long way to go, but there are 15 pounds gone already and yes as I said before, I know it will slow down, but I am just so please with it so far.

Keep up the good work you ladies, you are doing so well.

Love Abbie.
Dear Abbie,

Well done with your weight loss, you must be really pleased with yourself.

Did you get through the weekend alright? I know it must be hard if you have a busy social life.
I must admit, I didn't find it difficult at all, as long as I drank the water and did as my Locum said. Goodness that seems such a long time ago now.

Well keep up the good work and let us know how you are getting on.

Love Holly.X
Hello there,
I am really sorry I haven't replied sooner, but just been so busy! I have done really well though....even if I do say so myself...I get so excited when it comes to getting on the scales. I must drive my locum mad, I think she has the patience of a saint! She encourages me so much and I know she must have heard it all before, but she talks to me like its the first time she has ever heard it. We do have a good laugh as well, its not all serious and boring. I really look forward to our chats. Anyway will sign off now, 22lbs lighter, as I need to go onto the other threads and reply.

Take care and all come back please!!

Love Abbie.X
Hi Abbie, just wanted to say to you how brilliantly you are doing, can't believe 21 lbs gone already! I know I found it easy, doing the Howard's Way VLCD but good to hear you are doing so well, too.
Keep up the good work (and I'm sure your Locum is telling you to keep drinking your water so won't nag about that, LOL!)
Speak again soon. Love Karen. xx
Hi All,

Well done everyone!

Abbie, like Karen I wanted to say you have done so well, keep it up.

We all must try and post as much as possible, especially me, as I do get caught up with things and forget to come on line.

Keep up the good work everyone.

Love Holly.X
Hi Everyone,
I am so so sorry for going missing for so long, but my computer broke and with everything else going on, I just didn't have the time to go out and buy another one. The one I had was so old! they wanted to put it in a museum I am sure. No all jokes aside, I have been lucky it has lasted so long. So hopefully this one will do well, I bought it off of a friend who loves all the lates gadgets, so fingers crossed it works for a long time.

Well done to all of you!!
You have all done so well. I have been reading all your posts, but just couldn't reply to them, as I am not sure if my work would be able to see if I replied on their computers or not. So rather than get in trouble, I thought just read and will write as soon as I can.
Thank you all so much for keep asking where I was, I felt so humble when I read it and wanted to shout I am hearrrr!!!!
Anyway, Keep up the good work all of you, you are doing fantastic.

I am so pleased with myself and without boasting.....when I last got weighed.....which was when I completed 8 weeks, I have lost a massive 43 pounds..........yes that's right 43 pounds! I am so pleased, I never honestly thought I could do it, let alone lose so much in such a little amount of time. I cannot believe I haven't cheated. Not one bit of anything that they say I cannot have has passed my lips. My Locum is brilliant! We have a laugh, we go through the study sessions, she answers all my questions and she honestly gets as excited as me, when I tell her what I have lost. She is my hero!
Oh my goodness, do I hear you say 'enough is enough', I know I have gone on, but I have been away for quite a while.
Well I will sign off now, keep well and keep the post coming.

Lots of love
Hello Abbie,

Well done to you! What a fantastic job you are doing. I don't know if you have read my other post on the other site, but I honestly thought you had given up and wasn't going to post anymore.
I was going to send an email to Howards Way Diet asking them to put out a missing persons notice (only joking). but here you are back online with your new computer. Once again well done you!

Must fly

Love Holly.X


Silver Member
S: 19st2lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 4st12lb(25.37%)
Hope i can join the 'fun' too? I'm starting Howard's Way soon -i was meant to get my first package in the post today but i missed the delivery, so i'll be getting it tomorrow instead now. I'm very keen to get going, as ever since i made the decision to go on the diet i've been doing stupid things like having 'my last chinese' and the next day 'my last chips' etc.

Which is all very well, but it's taken me 2 weeks to get signed up and for some reason my eatings gone totally out of control. I had a big realization moment yesterday that i have serious issues (duh, i know, i should have figured it out before, i am more than 18 stone!), but i'm kinda like an alcoholic who can't walk past a pub - i can't walk past a food shop. Which is why i suck at nearly all diets i try. I'm hoping it can be 'cured' by the total control on Howards way - i think it's just what i need to get me on the straight and narrow. I previously lost 15lb on the Dukan Diet but put it all back on rapidly.. :-(.

Anyway, "hi" everyone. ;-).
Well Hello Losing it,

Congratulations on joining 'My diet' as I tell all my friends, where really I should say 'Welcome to Howard's Way'.

You won't look back! It really is the best thing I have ever done and they really do care about you, even when you aren't buying food, you get the same support and given the same amount of time. I honestly don't know what I would do with out them.........well I do.....I would be fat again.
I wish you every success with your weight loss and keep posting so we can support you too. When you start do a ticker, so it gives you a little bit more motivation seeing it go along nicely.

Good luck and keep us updated on how you are doing.

Love Holly.X


Silver Member
S: 19st2lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 4st12lb(25.37%)
Thanks :). I'll add a ticker tomorrow which i hope will be my first day. I got my package this morning and will be speaking to my locum tonight. Super excited!
To reach my ideal BMI i need to lose around 8 stone, but i'd feel like i won the lottery if i lost even half of that, 4 stone would take me to a weight which i haven't been since i was 18. It's hard to think that if i stick to it 100% i could well reach 4 stone target in the 3 months, or 4 months at most.

The box of 2 weeks of food does look like something I could eat in one morning alone though!

A little worried about the whole ketosis thing... everytime i've tried diets in the past which are meant to put you in ketosis i've had a hard time staying in the 'zone' for more than a single day at a time. But well, there isn't any thinking to do here about what foods you can and can't have, which i really like the idea of, so maybe it will be different.

I wonder why Howard's Way hasn't taken off in the same way as products like Lighter Life have? They have been around a while... the only thing i can think of is maybe the cost, as it is pretty expensive, or maybe their marketing is not so good. It's good to find a forum with other people using Howard's way anyway.

And what's the deal with the pelican on their website? I think this is a metaphor for something but i'm not sure what and it bugs me everytime i see the website/paperwork. Maybe i'm just too curious ;).
Hi Losing it and welcome to the forum!

Just to say, good luck with the diet, I'm sure you'll do great and that weight will start coming off in no time. I'll be here to support you and I'm sure Holly and Abbie, who both post on here from time to time, will do as well. Will be especially good if you hear from Abbie, as she did Howard's Way by post, too.

Not sure re LighterLife/Howard's Way comparison but as far as I know from someone who weighs in when I do who did LL before, HW are actually cheaper by about £9 a week! So don't think it can be the cost.

Good point re the pelican, will have to try and remember to ask my Locum about that when I next see her (LOL!).:D

Anyway, all the best for the start of your diet, I'm sure you'll be fine and I know for myself with when I got started, took around 3 days I think to get into ketosis and did feel hungry on the 3rd day but made sure I kept myself really busy with non food things and was fine. Did feel a bit tired the first few days but nothing a few early nights with a good book didn't sort out! after that, had loads more energy than before. And the only days I felt hungry after going into ketosis was when I realised that I hadn't been quite as good drinking my water, as my lovely Locum liked to remind me...:)

Let us know how you are getting on,

Love Karen. xx

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