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Bye bye old packaging!


Thoroughly Determined


Thoroughly Determined
What sort of stuff do you eat?
I don't eat any of their ready meals as they're so expensive and Supermarket own brands are cheaper...!

I've only bought the WW Cheesy Puffs (which are gorgeous!) and only a point, and I've not been able to find much for the same amount of points.

I also love the chocolate bars (1.5 points)... any own brand supermarket stuff that are equally as good?!
just to let you know, i dont know where you get your ww crisps from but poundland stock the full range - all in date and all for a pound - as your probably guessed :p they also do the bars, biscuits, sauces, beans etc =] smaller items such as the biscuits and beans are 2 boxes / tins for £1
i wouldnt have ww crisps tbh, have like frenchfries, quavers, wotsits, frazzles, squares, monstermunch (all in multipack) for 1.5pts

if you eat WW biscuits have like a breakaway for 2pts instead. aero mousse is only 2pts, shape delights 2.5pts

with a curry, have asda own poppadums 2 for a point :)

the only WW branded thing i eat now is cheese, because it is the lowest and the others are like 2pts more for the same portion.

honestly, always check because like the WW garlic bread baguette is 3.5pts where asda GFY one is 2pts and much much nicer!


Need To Downsize!
just dont eat WW stuff, other alternatives are much nicer and lower points too!! dont give them the money :)
Too right use your money to buy fresh produce and make your own meals etc and as for snacks quavers,french fries etc are readily available and much cheaper without searching out WW items
It's been happening in Asda for a few weeks now. Thankfully got my little tracker handy.
At the moment there's loads of stuff going cheap in pound shops. We got three boxes of biscuits for £1. Half of the biscuits I hadn't even seen before.
omg thankyou so much!!! was wondering when this was gonna be happening! will be looking out for the new propoints stuff!!! :D

im mega interested to see if the cheap places like poundland and iceland actually change theres over :D yes i lead such an exciting life hahaha xxx

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