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Calculating calories burned

Has anyone come across a calorie calculator that seems realistic?.

I found one on Fitday and if I input all my days activities it says I have burned 6900 calories...in one day. If I am only taking in 500 that means that I have burned 6400 calories in stored fat for energy.

If this is the case I should be losing about 2 pounds per day as I have read that 3000 calories burned roughly equals one 1 pound of fat. This clearly isn't the case so who is wrong?...who is right?...is anyone right regarding calorie calculations?.

Also before anyone thinks I am running marathons to burn that much in a day, I am not. The Fitday calculator starts you off with 5300 calories burned in a day that includes what they call "Basal" calories or calories you burn just by being alive and breathing and body self regulating temp, standing upright etc. They include lifestyle calories which is what we burn getting out of bed, washing and the like.

Very optimistic with their figures as I know that if I go to the Gym and pedal like a fool on the exercise bike for an hour I only burn 4-500 calories (on the bike computer screen), so hard to believe that the energy spent making and eating a sandwich could compare.
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