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Total Solution California here i come!!!

Hello All!!! :character00148:

A little about me::
My name is Mena, im 25, born and raised in southern California and moved to the UK when i was 18. I'm a retail manager... Im happily attached to the love of my life and im gearing up for my visit back to Cali in 6months. I havent been back in 2 years and im super nervous about going back as the same fat girl LOL.

I've started Exante yesterday and i did OKAY.

I had a chocolate shake for breakfast (yummy), the chocolate orange bar (naaaaaaaaaaaaaasty), and 5 spare ribs for dinner. I did intend to start it as total but matt made some intensely yummy spare ribs so i had 600cal worth so i didnt totally screw up my day. :p

Today was day 2 AND a day off. Now im my kitchen is alot of goodies including bread (which im craving), pizzas, ice cream and even MORE goodies. :eek:
BUT i've been 100% today. I've had a strawberry shake (okay but i think i made it too thick), and a toffee/nut/raisin bar (pretty decent). I've been filling up my 'water bobble' as much as possible and just had my first coke zero in AAAAAAGES. I'm intending to have the thai chicken soup for dinner :D and im looking forward to trying that.

I've felt hungry and my tummy as been rumbling but it hasnt been that bad as i thought. especially while being sat at home! Now im waiting to see how long ketosis takes to kick in! Although the embarassing thing is that im running to the loo every 2 mins for a wee and i feel a bit 'windy' so i hope this passes!!!! it'd be unbareable during work on the shopfloor LOL.

WISH ME LUCK!!!!! :eek:
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Welcome and good luck. I hope the next few days go quickly for you as your body adjusts to the new diet, and that you're quickly into ketosis
thank you thank you thank you!
Im really excited about this! and im in the best mood i've been in for awhile :)


really trying again!
Welcome and good luck with your journey xx
Day 3... was AWESOME!!!!

I woke up with loads of energy and was in a fantastic mood. I've quickly realised i LOVE the shakes :) and the vanilla with a smidge of coffee was DE-LICOUS! I've had a slightly odd taste in my mouth all day but i doubt its ketosis kicking in already, although i must say i was super happy when the size 20 linen trousers i bought on friday were a bit loose when i put them on this morning.

I keep having this awful thought though... what if this doesnt work for me? what if that herbal sweet i had this afternoon has screwed me up? what will i have to do if THIS doesnt work?

It has sent panic through me... but im hoping im just seeing the cup half empty!
It will work don't worry!!! Good luck :D xxx

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Just keep at it, and it will work.
Good luck !
I know how you feel. It's only day 1 for me and all I keep thinking is what if I fall off the rails again. But let's just be positive and take one day at a time. You are doing really well. You'll be fine I'm sure.
i completely forgot to mention that yesterday, my work had a afterhours meeting. This included a "treasure hunt" game for the colleagues to learn about store circumplex... ANYWAY!!! my team only had one colleague in it and we won a big share bar of chocolate PLUS all the clues we needed to find had chocolate coins attached.
Now any other day i'd wolfed down all the chocolate and left crumbs in my wake lol but i gave my half of the bar to my colleague and gave my chocolate coins away to the other staff.
My manager even mentioned i was being "an exceptionally good girl" LOL!!!

Today is day 4 and i've woken up feeling a bit blah and tired but it should be a good day :) i've started it with a coffee infused vanilla shake. YUM YUM!!!!

i'd like to thank all of you for the support :) You're all very awesome!
Well done. Don't think I could give chocolate away. Bet you felt proud of yourself x
Yes i was really proud that i had to willpower to decline chocolate lol and a bit shocked. hahaha.

well today was okay. i felt more tired than i did yesterday but it was okay. I had a vanilla w/ coffee for breakfast, a chocolate shake for lunch with a coke zero, and the tomato & basil soup for dinner with a coke zero. And i had bottles of still water across the day. I think i treat the coke as a treat... like a dessert :p they're SO nice now. I never appreciated soda before lol.

I dont really feel any different hence why im getting paranoid about my future success with this lol.

Lets see how tomorrow goes!
:wave_cry: hi guys,

SO today was kind of crummy...
i had a vanilla shake with coffee for breakfast, a banana shake for lunch with a diet coke, and for dinner... well... i snapped and had food.

chargrilled chicken wings and 2 corn on the cobs (no butter).

I KNOW i shouldnt have but my boyfriend had the idea for some portuguese food and it smelled too nice to resist.

apparently (though) i had 600cals SO i didnt TOTALLY blow my diet.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better and i will NOT cheat :rolleyes:


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No point in beating yourself up - besides, tomorrow's another chance to do 100% day

Welcome and good luck - you can do this

today was better. i didnt cheat :) and in fact this is the first day i havent been hungry at all, at any point. :) it was AWESOME!!!!!!

i've got tomorrow to face and then, im on weigh in day for the first week! YAY!!!!!!!!
Good luck and keep at it! I'm a newbie too, starting my diet tomorrow :)
Nevermind just back on track tomorrow :) we all have little slip ups xx
Well done for today Cali... keep going and you will get there

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