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calling all weightwatchers


I can haz cake?
First and foremost - take the time to read your entire starter kit, from front to back. Some of the recipes in there are handy for your first week until you get used to the swing of things.

- Stay for the talk

- Go to class even if you feel like you've done crap that week.

- Don't use an off week to be bad.... I've done this - promising myself I'll be back on the wagon for next week and I neeeever do :( And thus I'm back to weightwatchers 2 stone heavier than I started!!! Bah!! Stupid!!!

- Ask your leader if you aren't sure about something!

- The calculator is really handy, so are the scales but they are a bit dear

- in class you can get awesome bars - one just like a smaller mars bar - rich toffee bars - so good :) If they do tea/coffee in your class, drink it after you've weighed in :p

- WW meals are handy but try not to get stuck in a rut and have them every day.

- Be imaginative with meals. Try NEW things.

- Try not to guesstimate points - ask group leader or on here and people can help you. If you have to its better to overestimate than underestimate!

- the weightwatchers mag is fab for ideas and inspiration!

- ww yoghurts!!! omn nom nom!

- THE NUMBER ONE TIP: WRITE EVERYTHING ON YOUR TRACKER (before you eat it!). Even if you've been bad. Then if you've gained you know why it happened, and where your problem areas are. And a good week can be repeated if you are stuck. :)


I can haz cake?
I swear by planning all my meals a week in advance, writing them down with points and then fitting everything else in around them with the points remaining. You can always tweak it during the week but I find it helpful to have a core menu to go by.
Gotta agree with this - especially at the beginning, take half an hour to plan everything then not have to think too much about the week ahead.

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