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calorie counter

Hi everyone,

This is my first day on slimfast and still unsure as to if i am doing it right!!
This is what i have had so far;
B: Slimfast meal bar
Snack 1 :Slimfast cheesy snacks
Lunch: Not hungry
Tea: Morrsions eat smart beef chilli with wedges 306 cals and 2 handfuls of mixed veg 40 cals ( according to packet)

Coz i made the mistake of not having lunch i was starving when i got in from work and i had some mixed veg rice left from last night, i ended up swallowing that down in record time @ 1/2 plateful and tbsp of salmon.
I have no idea how to work out the calories in that!! hoping that i will not have to have my second shake tonight and my 2 other snacks that i have not had. Hopefully this will counteract the salmon and rice!!
Does anyone know if there is any where online that i can get a free calorie counter as have not got chance to get to town until the weekend, or do you think tesco/asda will have one?

Sorry to mider but can i just check i have this whole plan right, do i have each day :
2 slimfast shakes
1 meal 600 cals
3 x 100 cal snacks.

How many calories would this be? i am 16st 1lb and i go away in 5 weeks anyone willing to hazard a guess on how much i should lose??

sorry to waffle on, i will get my head round this eventually!!

thankyou for you patience

( former cd veteren but hated every minute of it)
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Hi Elaine,
You could try Calorie Counter Database - Free Online Diet Program for a calorie counter although I think it would just have to be guess work.

You are right with what you are allowed in a day; 2 shakes, 1 600cal meal and upto 3 100cal snacks which totals approx 1300-1400 calories. In my opinion you are best making sure you have your shakes and meal. If you aren't hungry between then don't have your snacks but do make sure you get your meals. The shakes are vital as they ensure you are getting important nutrients. It will probably take you a few days to get used to the diet and figure out when you want to eat your snacks/meals. Don't think eating less means you will lose more. You don't want your body to go into starvation mode and store fat. I would guess the salmon and rice doesn't reach your allowance for today (but that is just a guess).

What could you lose in 5 weeks? It really does depend on the person and how well they stick to the SF plan. The first week tends to be the biggest loss. I lost 7lbs my first week. Some people lose more some people lose less. I would hope you could do 4lbs at the very least. SF say people should lose 1-2lbs a week after then. I would hope you could lose a stone in your first 5 weeks if you get some good loses (which I'm sure you will do).

If you have any other questions then just ask. The people on here are so friendly and helpful. I felt very lost when I started but there were people here to point me in the right direction.

It may help you to keep a food diary so you can keep track of what you have had. If you do have a blip don't worry about it. I think we all have at some point. Having too many calories on one day doesn't mean you will gain that week. Join our April Challenge. We all support each other and offer lots of encouragement.

Best of luck and hope I have helped
BL x

Thanks for your prompt reply, i am getting my head round it a little better today, i had a meal bar today at 09.30 then a shake at 1.30, my 3 crackers 100cals at 4pm and then had my evening meal at 7pm which was ww salmon and brocolli with wedges 297 cals, mixed veg 40cals, a small side salad with cotage cheese( not sure how many cals) 1 shape yoghurt 100 cals and 2 cubes of melon( again not sure how many cals). I also had a sf snack bar 100cals.
So should be within my allowance today.

What sort of things do you have for your evening meal? i brought a jar of WW pasta sauce tonight from Asda, thought i would have it tomorrow with some pasta and salad, any idea how many cals in plain boiled pasta?

I am going out on Saturday with my sister-in law who i have not been out with for ages, i am really looking forward to it, but the downside is i will be drinking, not loads as to old for the hangover on the Sunday morning but thought i would stick to gin and slimline tonic. I read somwhere a single gin is 50 cals so if i had no snacks that day this would allow me ample drinks!!

hope your weightloss is doing well. It must be great losing each week. How much more do you want to lose?

Elaine x:)
Hi Elaine,
Sounds like you are getting the hang of SF already. I know 100g of melon is about 25cals so 2 cubes should be next to nothing. Not sure about the cottage cheese though.

It depends on what I am upto as to what I have for tea. If I am tired or in a hurry I tend to have a healthy ready meal, otherwise I tend to cook. I have anything from curry to soup, stew to meat and veg. I'm careful with portions and work out the calories in advance. I use a lot of veg and fresh food. A lot of foods have the calorie values printed on the back so look there for guidelines.

I still have quite a lot to lose but I'm having a nice steady loss every week so far and its a great motivation.

Seems like you are doing well. Keep up the good work
BL x

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