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calorie counting help

so heres day 1 of healthy eating
age 17, 5'4, 11.3 stone.
todays calories are pretty low if im doing it right, but felt full after each meal..
Breakfast -
half a cup of blueberries; 41 calories
1 tangerine; 26 calories
1/4 honeydew melon; 90 calories
= 157 calories

Lunch -
3 egg white ommelette; 51 calories
14g cheddar cheese; 57 calories
half a cucumber; 24 calories
1/4 red onion; 12 calories
= 144 calories

Dinner -
1 salmon fillet; 150 calories
2 carrots; 60 calories
half a head of broccoli; 25 calories
1 medium sweet potato; 103 calories
= 338 calories

Snacks -
1 tangerine; 52 calories
half a cup of blueberries; 41 calories
= 93 calories

Drinks -
1 can of diet pepsi; 1 calorie
4 litres of water; 0 calories
= 1 calorie

Total calories today - 733 calories

please correct any errors. thanks guys, hope your all ok x
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Thats a heck of a lot of little calories to be taking in, ideally our bodies need around 1200 - 1400 to function efficiently, otherwise they tend to go into 'starvation mode' by where calories are reserved and stored as fat in order to sustain the body in times of starvation, often reversing, or having a paradox effect on weight loss. Just my 10 cents on your calories :)

As for the counting, it all seems right to me, good job at watching them closely, a lot of people tend to misread and misjudge, keep up the good work.
thanks for the advice hun :)
ill try fit more calories in tomorrow... i just felt full after all of that, it may not seem much but its all realy healthy and filling, i went to bed early so didnt have any late night snacks which is probably why the calories are on the low side, feel better for it as i usually stuff my face at 11pm lol. so yeah, im realy gona stick to this diet.. shall fill everyone in on other meals & results next time i get on the computer, will be next weekish.

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