Calorie Cycling?

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by LaLaLou, 6 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Well-Known Member

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone on here is doing calorie cycling, and if so, are you finding it's working well for you?
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  3. assj

    assj Well-Known Member

    i have kinda been doing that since i started, by maybe a couple hundred either way every day, i have decided though that i will set aside one day a week (either my WI day or the day after) where i will up my cals from 1500 to 2000, and the rest of the week stick to between 1200-1500 i am going to see how this works for me for a bit.
  4. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Well-Known Member

    Oh cool, let me know how it goes :)

    You've been losing good amounts if I remember right? I think this next fortnight I'm going to give it a go and see how it affects my weight loss.
  5. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Well-Known Member

    Doh, it's in your signature how much you've lost each week! lol, after seeing yours I think I will give it a go!
  6. assj

    assj Well-Known Member

    hey, well i learnt a lesson, i did go up to 2000 cals yesterday, it wasnt good lol by the end of the day my stomach was killing me, i nearly threw up and my belly killed all night, just to get to 2000 i ate too much, my stomach must have shrunk and it just cant hold that much food any more, which i am glad about, i think the only way i would be able to do it would be to eat junk food on the day and i dont really want to do that, so i am just going to keep to going between 1200-1700 and just changed it up by a couple hundred every day.
  7. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Well-Known Member

    Oh, poor you! But it is a good thing that your stomach can't hold as much anymore. TBH I think when eating healthier stuff it's almost impossible to go right up to 2000 cals, I agree with you, I'd need to be eating junk!

    I'm going to try and eat a larger breakfast on the days that I have more calories to use, because I normally just have something light. I'm going between 1200 and 1800. I've got it on excel so I remember which days to go higher and which lower, lol, such a geek.

    I'll be doing:
    Friday: 1300
    Saturday: 1700
    Sunday: 1300
    Monday: 1800
    Tuesday: 1200
    Wednesday: 1700
    Thursday: 1500

    So all that added up for the week is the same as my 1500 per day allowance I was doing before, just shaken up a bit!
  8. assj

    assj Well-Known Member

    that sounds good lou, i am the same as you with breakfast, i usually have a light one, so i think i will do the same and have a higher cal one on a few days.

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