Calorie Cycling?

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by LaLaLou, 6 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Silver Member

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone on here is doing calorie cycling, and if so, are you finding it's working well for you?
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  3. assj

    assj Silver Member

    i have kinda been doing that since i started, by maybe a couple hundred either way every day, i have decided though that i will set aside one day a week (either my WI day or the day after) where i will up my cals from 1500 to 2000, and the rest of the week stick to between 1200-1500 i am going to see how this works for me for a bit.
  4. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Silver Member

    Oh cool, let me know how it goes :)

    You've been losing good amounts if I remember right? I think this next fortnight I'm going to give it a go and see how it affects my weight loss.
  5. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Silver Member

    Doh, it's in your signature how much you've lost each week! lol, after seeing yours I think I will give it a go!
  6. assj

    assj Silver Member

    hey, well i learnt a lesson, i did go up to 2000 cals yesterday, it wasnt good lol by the end of the day my stomach was killing me, i nearly threw up and my belly killed all night, just to get to 2000 i ate too much, my stomach must have shrunk and it just cant hold that much food any more, which i am glad about, i think the only way i would be able to do it would be to eat junk food on the day and i dont really want to do that, so i am just going to keep to going between 1200-1700 and just changed it up by a couple hundred every day.
  7. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Silver Member

    Oh, poor you! But it is a good thing that your stomach can't hold as much anymore. TBH I think when eating healthier stuff it's almost impossible to go right up to 2000 cals, I agree with you, I'd need to be eating junk!

    I'm going to try and eat a larger breakfast on the days that I have more calories to use, because I normally just have something light. I'm going between 1200 and 1800. I've got it on excel so I remember which days to go higher and which lower, lol, such a geek.

    I'll be doing:
    Friday: 1300
    Saturday: 1700
    Sunday: 1300
    Monday: 1800
    Tuesday: 1200
    Wednesday: 1700
    Thursday: 1500

    So all that added up for the week is the same as my 1500 per day allowance I was doing before, just shaken up a bit!
  8. assj

    assj Silver Member

    that sounds good lou, i am the same as you with breakfast, i usually have a light one, so i think i will do the same and have a higher cal one on a few days.

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