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calorie plans??

i have recently read a post from a women about the BMR, this i never knew about and its probably the reason why i havent lost or get stuck on diets. my BMR was 1341.09, this is the rate my body burns calories to stay alive even if i just lay in bed all day, now u X's this by a number (u can find on net) me, i dont do much, so mine was by 1.2 which gives u 1609. 308. now to lose 1lb per week, u need to burn 3500 calories, so take 500 calories away per day leaves me with 1109.308, and then the next 3500 from exercise.
the problem is, i am crap at counting calories and cant cope with meal replacement shakes. so can anyone tell me of a 1100 calorie diet plans??
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Eeeerm my maths would be rubbish? Soooo there's a sticky thread on here or go to the My Fitness Pal site (there's an app if you have a smartphone) and they work it out for you!! It's free to use and You can also log all your food there to find the calorie contents and keep a record of what your having (I can't live without this!! No maths!! It's all done by the wonder of technology lol) on an average 1200 day I eat something like the following

Lunch....small can of tuna with a big salad
Dinner.....chicken breast lots of veg and 100g of new potato's with a drizzle of gravy or dressing
Snacks.....couple of coffees 1 sugar yoghurt, fruit, and sometimes a low fat ice-cream.

Have a look at some of the diaries and the what's for dinner thread :) they have good ideas! And remember the calories are almost always listed on your food packaging so it's generally fairly easy to keep track.

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I also use myfitnesspal - I can honestly say it's changin my life!


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Can you download myfitnesspal to your computer? Or is it just for your phone??
Haha once again what fattack said :) it's the best site I've used and if you don't have it for your phone then most foods do have the cals on if you look. Keep a little notebook in your handbag an just jot down what you have as you go. When I was on WW I used to write my points on my hand haha so I'd not forget what I'd had but a tiny notebook is much more discreet!

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I too would recommend myfitnesspal, can't help you with 1000 days though as I'm on 1350 at the moment. Good luck. x
It's fab, eh?

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