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Calorie shifting/Calorie cycling


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Anyway know much about this? I think the principle is that yuou don't try to keep a constant level of calorie intake but vary it daily, as it fools the body into thinking food is plentiful and keeps the metabolism active.

I've only just had someone mention it to me, as I'd asked them about having varying calorie levels (I was having 5 "lean" days, 2 normal days). I like the idea - I'm basically in the process of deciding wwhether to maintain at 13st 1lb, or whether to puch lower and the approach sounds like ot's potentially a good idea.
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Yes, theoretically it's a good idea. Helps keep the metabolism up.

Note though that it's not usually done as 2 'high' days in a row, and your lowest day needs to be followed by your highest day (ideally)

Personally, I just prefer to eat 'normally' every day :D

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