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cam off diet for a week.


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ive decided to come out of ketosis for a week, as its my birthday next week [18!!] and will be getting very drunk. Also, i want to enjoy this week and not worry about myself. I am DEFFENTLY going to start a week on monday. I promise, as im feeling guilty already ect and sooo scared il put weight on i weigh myself every hour!
Anyway so today ive had a chicken salad and now i have a turkey breast sarnie. Im not going to be eatting chocolate ect, im eatting healthy stuff. how much might i put on?

Please dont be mad!:cry:
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Hey ure only 18 once hun!!!! Have a wicked birthday and just get back on on the monday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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thanks. Just feel really guilty, really want to lose more weight


Call me Nicky xx
I would say enjoy your week off. If you try to limit your simple carbs you should be o.k. If you go for carbs, pasta, bread etc then go for wholegrain options. Have a great 18th. xx


Finally a size 12!
Your not giving up Kimmie your just havin a lil break and once its over just come back more determined then ever!


Must do it this time
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enjoy your birthday hun,let us all know how you get on!!
elaine x
Low alcohol tolerance = cheaper night out :p

If you stick to wholegrain carbs and healthy food I would imagine you'd either STS or lose 1/2 lbs. :)
And it's good practise for the rest of your life! :)

Have a great one.

Jenni x
girl enjoy your 18th it only happens once so make the most of it trust me :) when monday comes just get back on it 100% and the added lbs will go soon enough im sure have a great day xxx


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Hi, hope you have a great birthday!

I was naughty a few weeks ago on week 3 of diet after loosing 1 & half stone...

I was VERY bad and had pizza, chinese, alcohol etc...for three days as I forgot to take shakes away...for every drink (which I know I could have gone without but it was a party) I had a pint of water....

In total I gained 3lb which I lost again very easily! I also found getting back into ketosis a lot easier...


getting slimmer
try not to eat too many carbs, and i think you'll be ok.
be REALLY careful though, take it slowly, you dont wanna be too drunk - not remember/sick/really ill! it is your 18th after all, so you wanna have a good time. remember - you wont be able to drink as much!
main thig is to have a wicked time - enjoy! x
Have a great birthday, I agree you need to celebrate, hopefully your losses will be minimal.

have a lovely b-day hunny!!aw 18,wot a great age that is!!! make the most of it,u can get back to it easy,youve proved that to urself by loosing the weight in the first place!!and dont worry 2 much when ur enjoying them b-day bevvies....u can get back on track easy peasy babe.have a good un.x x x x x x x x x x

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