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Cambridge Alternative?


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No. It will contain too many carbs and may not contain enough vitamins and minerals. You will not go into ketosis either which will make it very hard to maintain. Have you looked at exante? They taste vile but it's only £100 a month


please try again
it also looks low on protien which is a must to help protect muscles

the only reason the commercial vlcd's can keep cals so low is because its formulated to protect your health and passes strict regulations
Would exercise accompanying this produce fast results? I dont really have a lot of money and have about 2 stone to loose now.


please try again
why are you getting so worked up about fast results hun?

if you have 2 stone to lose i would try dropping your cals to between 1200 and 1500 and try and go for low gi/gl foods and ramp up the exercise, that would still produce very good results.

check out the 30 day shred dvd by jillian michels, lots of people having very good results with that one

free activitys, long walks, check you tube for fitness pod casts and follow them


please try again
oh and in january check ebay and charity shops for fitness dvd's and the like, unwanted christmas gifts and new year resolutions that have fallen by the wayside turn up in these places


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You should just follow a low cal plan as claire says, it is really dangerous to follow your own vlcd and you will only put all the weight back on when you eat normally. cd is medically studied for over 25 years and has all the right nutrients and vitamins to give your body everything you need, and also has a proper maintance programme to follow to stabilise your body when you introduce food.

you can get good results on 1000/1200 cals a day or try slim fast???? slimfast is cheap and you replace two meals a day and have a protein meal at night, do not use as a vlcd as its not suitable but it is cheaper and will keep your cals low
Have you thought about a low carb diet such as Atkins? You'll be able to eat food and should still see the weight come off. A few people on the Atkins board lost the majority of their weight on CD/Exante and then changed to Atkins for the last bit or to maintain.
Would taking a VLCD; for example the following:

B - Branflakes with water

L - Apple & yogurt
D - Under 200 cal meal

have the same weight losses as the cambridge diet?
Too many carbs!

branflakes = carbs
apple and yog = carbs

a higher plan could consist of the following but won't allow you to go into ketosis so you might be hungry. you could suppliment with a slimfast drink, vit pill etc best if you could have 1 cd shake a day with it of course.

brekkie - 30g porridge made with water or half water half skim milk
lunch - salad with a small protein protion (palm of the hand size)
tea - protein to aprox 300g value, and veg like - cauli, broccoli, kale, salad, (try low gi veg) etc small 40g dry weight of pasta or 200g potato etc fruit to 100 cal value

limit your salt and drink at least 2l of water a day. no alcohol, no fizzy drinks.
To be honest that sounds like an anorexics diet.Definitely not recommended.And with only 2 stone to lose a VLCD isn't suitable anyway.I would try Atkins or maybe South beach diet, especially if you're planning on exercising too.

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