Cambridge diet and Anaemia..


Hi, me and my wife have just started doing the Cambridge diet as a new year's resolution, however she's just found out that she's Anaemic, she hasn't started taking any medication for it as of yet (she'll need to collect the prescription on Monday), so she is still suffering from the symptoms - fatigue, tiredness, poor concentration etc.

Could she be putting herself in any danger by doing the Cambridge diet at the moment? I've asked her to ask her GP, but to be honest, I think she's scared of what he might say as she does really want to lose some weight.

Is there a doctor in the house?
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Hi there

Not a doctor so not sure, best check this out. However, the packs have the Recommended Daily Allowance of Iron. I also take the Spatone Iron Supplement available from Boots which is more easily absorbable than the tablets. She could take the packs and a couple of sachets of these per day. However, think best get professional advice through CD Counsellor or GP.

Good luck with the diet



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hi, i get severe anaemia at least once a year where i have to take iron for 6 months, i have been fine whilst on Cd as it has all the iron you need, so if your wife takes extra iron then i think she will be just fine, just to point out though anaemia is also due to lack of folic acid, will she be taking that too as i had to have both, but again CD has vitamin B12 which is basicaly folic acid so again should be fine.


It is unclear from your post the cause of your wife's anemia (anemia can be due to many things reduced iron intake, reduced GIT iron absorption, destruction of red blood cells etc. your doctor will be able to advise on this). As far as iron in CD packs is concerned yes they do contain the RDA for iron however, they also contain calcium. This impairs iron absorption so your wife would be best off taking an iron supplement in between meals with a vit C tablet (vit C improves iron absorption). An hour before and after taking her iron supplement she should avoid, calcium containing foods (e.g. dairy), alcohol and caffeine.

I hope this helps, many cases of anemia in women are due to low iron intake combined with increased blood losses during menstruation, in which case the above measures should help. However, if she has for example a haemolytic disorder she will have to discuss the suitability of CD with her GP.

Good luck to both of you on your weight loss journey