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Cambridge Diet Day 1 - Starving!

Hi Everyone,

This is day one on the Cambridge Diet and I am beginning to wonder if I have made the right decision.

The morning started well, very motivated, but as the day has gone on I've been clock watching for when I can have my next shake or soup.

I'm slushing with water over 2.5 litres so far.

It came to me this evening while having my last so called meal of the day, that this diet isn't about helping you lose weight while controlling your appetite, it is totally about weight loss and tough luck if you are hungry throughout.

Hey ho, either way I've made a personal commitment to myself to persevere and take one day at a time.

Good luck to anyone else on this diet and here's a toast to you all (water of course!)

Tweed x

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Yes, but what you dont realise that is actually after a few days you should begin to feel less hungry and quite well so keep it up and give it a week at least...your first weight loss should spur you on - come on you can do this!
Hi Tweed,:wave_cry:

I know exactly how you feel, it is only my 2nd day today.I didn't struggle to much yesterday, but this evening I feel really down. Hunger has reduced loads, but cravings have increased. However I believe it will get easier and so worth it (I hope)

A little hint my CDC gave me that has really worked for me today is, adding a little more water than required and some ice to your shakes as it makes more of a meal of them and also gives you the sensation of eating as you eat the ice.

Keep it up as you are far from alone.
Keep strong :D
Jees I could have wrote that post myself. I am on day 1 of a restart. And close to breaking point.!!!
I forgot how hard this flamin diet is and don't actually know how I managed 2 weeks on it last time. I am sooo hungry right now and having an argument with myself over weather to keep going or try another diet (AGAIN) where I can eat. :-(
Swear I feel like such a loser.!!! Aaargh.!!

I am sat up in my bedroom with every other diet book under the sun, WW, SW, RC...u name it. It's like a weight loss library on my bed. And a boxing match going on in my head.... Xxx
Keep at it girls, you don't feel like that for long xxxx

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Keep with it, it will honestly get easier!
The first few days maybe 10 for me were the worst, a plenty load of boxing matches about food but was not hungry just missing food and chewing. That has got easier now though just the odd match but easier to distract myself from!
Good luck, keep with it!
Many thanks for all your supportive messages!

I WILL stick to it.

This morning I could not resist the scales and found I have lost 3lbs already, this has definately spurred me on.

I am also feeling less hungry and much more motivated.

Keep going everyone and we'll all soon reach our goals!

Tweed xx

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick tip for any newbies I've just discovered...

Try adding some of the chocolate milkshake to coffee, it tastes delicious, works as a good replacement for milk and fills you up when you finish the rest of the shake.

Tweed x
I start on Friday so will be feeling your pain very soon! I find looking at before and after photos very motivating - hope it will be enough to get me through the first couple of days.

Congratulations on getting this far - keep the faith! x


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I remember from doing LL it seemed to take me a week to get into ketosis and I felt blooming awful!
But I think..this time I am there now, starting to feel better already.
I found throughout LL I never felt fully amazing, but I did leap out of bed every morning, its lovely to wake up each day lighter than yesterday!


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you are all doing fab... the first 4 days are a mare but keep at it and you will feel fabulous!!!
it does get easier I PROMISE :)


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Day 1 cd

Hi iv started the cd today as I hav 8st to loose but as much as I'm motivated and really want to loose my weight I am finding it extremely difficult iv also had a nibble on a mouthful off lasagnea and about 6chips after which I am feeling terribly guilty:(
I just want to get through 4weeks so at least I'm on my way.


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The first 4 days are the hardest & will feel like a year!!!
The rest gets easier :) x


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Well I were you last week on friday. I felt atrocious day one. Could not get over the hunger and lethargy. BUT I slept through what I could and continued. After that I was not so bad. But I prepped a couple of days before hand, advise anyone starting to do that. Drink lots more water, less caffiene and less carbs. On day two I sat in mcdonalds whilst all my friends ate, spent the day shopping I was fine. It's now the start of my seventh day and I feel great. The odd empty feeling or the odd pang for a food I may come into contact with. But that is where willpower kicks in. As when I take a step back. I'm not hungry, or really in need of it. It's in my head. I could easliy miss packs right now as I am not actually hungry, I dont btw. But good luck allx


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Also cheating and "nibbling" on carbs like chips and lasgane is the WORST thing you can do as it will just delay ketosis and you will feel worse for longer. It is just a case of ride it out or it will just drag out.


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I'm on week 12 and in times of need when i've needed something to eat i've had a grilled chicken breast of a handful of green salad, always lost every week :)
xSinead said:
I'm on week 12 and in times of need when i've needed something to eat i've had a grilled chicken breast of a handful of green salad, always lost every week :)
I did this last night because I'm so sick of not cooking and not enjoying my evening meal with my boyfriend. So chicken and broccoli it was and I had no need to eat anything else after so it desperate times I'll do this again! X
Hi everyone
This is day 2 for me, and not a good day. I am wondering if i have picked a bad time...i have two vey small children who are both currently ill, which means im not sleeping....and craving food during the day. yesterday wasnt that bad, but today has been a nightmare...so hungry!!!! sooooo dont want to give up at the first hurdle : (


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Just be strong. Drink water, have some black coffee. Anything but don't nibble - because you'll have to start again tomorrow. And you'll feel like crap for cheating.

Or, if you really feel you are going cave, have some chicken and salad... look at the list of food you can have and don't deviate from that list.

You are going to have to find the willpower from somewhere - this isn't going to be easy, and the first few days are horrible - be strong!! You know you can do it. Look at us all on here - we know exactly how you are feeling.

Tell you what keeps me going - thinking about how much money it's costing me... that keeps me on the straight and narrow!!

Good luck.

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