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  1. Tammy-marie

    Tammy-marie Full Member

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you have moved over to using Exante products? If so, how has it been?? I'm conciddering doing this to save money but am a bit scared. I haven't updated my info but I am just about to start week 10 of ss. xx
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  3. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    i personally didnt get on with the products as much as cambridge, and i like the weekly weigh in you get with cambridge. I'm fat because being left to my own devices doesnt work, exante is just that lol. Its personal choice though. As you have already left Cambridge you might find yourself ok at keeping yourself motivated :)
  4. scobyboo

    scobyboo Full Member

    I totally agree with Lizz. I have tried many weight loss shakes, including Exante but I have never been able to stick with it. With Cambridge you know that you're consultant will be able to offer the advice you wouldn't get at home going it alone.
    I must say the shake do more or less all taste the same. But its the advice and help I need
  5. Opeyx

    Opeyx Full Member

    i didnt transition, but i have done both, i prefer exante, more choice, less financial pressure and getting to my consultants house was difficult.

    With a consultant i found i used to 'treat' myself after weigh in then, would do the diet till my next and i felt like if i didnt loose weight or gained i was letting her down, now there isnt that thought

    If you want to lose weight, youll do it and stick to the plan should you move to exante (a plus is youre in ketosis already), as eventually you will leave your consultant so being on your own knowing its just you in this should prove you will keep it off long term.. exante has online support- its not for everyone but if you have a really busy life its convenient

    exante isnt as sweet as Cambridge but def sit in your stomach longer..
    Good luck with what you choose!
  6. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    I started off with exante , didn't like any of their products , found them bland and tasteless , ended up selling half of it on ebay , but it is a personal choice and really what suits one doesn't suit another, if you think you can do it ,, go for it it is cheaper, i actually think slim and save is better than exante and still cheaper than the cambridge , their face book group are all really supportive like on here , but you can also communicate with slim and save admin on there aswell , good luck which ever you choose x
  7. Tammy-marie

    Tammy-marie Full Member

    I have moved over to Exante as temporary measure (just for a few weeks) because my finances are very tight at the mo. I have been really lucky because my cwp consultant is still going to support and weigh me. I must admit that the shakes are not as nice but I do prefer the bars and soups. x
  8. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    I've just googled Exante as I've never heard of it before. So, it's just the same as CWP with more products and cheaper?? I'm happy with CWP and don't want to change. Its only week 3 for me and am determined to stay and loose weight, but if it's so good, why hasn't CWP got more products like pasta etc ? surely the scientist and the clever people at Cambridge know about it?

    Just wondering that all, as I say never seen it before doesn't mean its not popular maybe it coz I've never tried a VLCD.

    Thanks x
  9. Tammy-marie

    Tammy-marie Full Member

    My husband has been doing it for a while now, he wanted to do cwp but we couldn't afford for us both to do it. He's loses on Exante have been just as good as mine on cwp. The only negative for me is that the shakes are not as flavoursome, although they are creamier. saying that though, their soups and bars are nicer plus there is a choice of dinner packs. I have tried my hubby's dinner packs and they are nice but I prefer to stick to shakes and bars.
    I will however be going back to cwp after my holiday so that I can work up the steps and keep the weight off as I'm not convinced that Exante on its own would help me stay on track. x
  10. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    Thank you Tammy,

    Just wondered really, I like the steps on CWp Im hoping that I will re learn how to portion control and how much I actually need to eat.
  11. its the advice and help I need[​IMG]

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