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Cambridge diet for 3 weeks advice

Hi I am weekly showing up as losing more than weigh-in day ?
All week the scales said -2.5lbs and then offical weigh in this moring was -1lbs?

I have alot to lose still have done ww 100% for 13 weeks and execise 6 days a week doing 17000-19000 steps a day.

So I was thinking I have 3 weeks cambridge packs left and I thought I could maybe get 1 stone off to get my head in gear starting next Mon? But will I lose say 1 stone then when I go back on ww on the 4th week will I gain lots back?
Or do I just carry on with ww and maybe change weigh in day?

I know its 1lb and its a loss and Im pleased but I ythink my body knows what Im doing,I have also had my coil out after 5 years and have had 2 p in 2 weeks so maybe its fluid retention?

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I don't think all you'd lose in them 3 weeks would come back on but I would expect quite a fair bit of it.

I think it would be easier if you stopped weighing every day, as that can kill motiviation - as seems it could be doing.

Your average loss is far from 1lb, it's 2.2lb a week (and even if you discount the naturally high first week result it is still 1.8lb a week) so WW is working. Losing weight isn't a race, it takes time. Just bear with it and it will come good.

Congrats on your amazing loss so far, you are 1.3 of the way there! :D
Hun I would say no from my own experience although everyone is different. I found that I couldn't control myself at all after coming off Cambridge I just wanted to eat everything in sight- because I was starving not because I was being naughty! I have heard other people have had this same thing. I guess everyone is different but be careful!
I agree with puggso, it might be an idea to stop the daily weigh ins, I know they work on CD when you see a daily difference but on WW you dont and there really are very few people can weigh in, see no change and not get demoralised. It sounds as if your daily wi's are really causing problems for you.

I think the disadvantage of doing CD for 3 weeks, is you wont have time to go up the plans before you go back to 'real' food, a lot of people reverting to WW from CD have gains their first week. If you lose say 12lbs in 3 weeks then gain 5/6 back youve only lost 7lbs which is more or less what youre doing on WW


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I agree with starlight 100% x


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stop weighing everyday. there is so much that can effect your weight within the day, how much water you drink, how much you pee, if you sweat, the physical weight of your food ie 20 points of filling foods weigh much more than 20 points of chocolate bars. A poo in your system can weigh upto a pound or more! However all these variations even out over the course of a week.

If I weighed every day and saw a 2lb loss on weds and then on my monday official weigh in I saw only 1lb I'd be gutted BUT if all I saw was that 1lb off on weigh day I'd be well happy because I'd lost.

You know you lose slowly so I think you need to come to terms with this and be happy for your losses after all it is a step in the right direction.

Your averaging out at 2lb a week thats 8lb a month, 104lb a year. 2lb a week is healthy loss and is sustainable and more likely to stay off as it is easier for your body to get used to.

CD gives you huge losses but I can't say I've read more than a handful of people who keep their weight off after finishing the diet. WW imho is easy as pie to follow you don't ever have to be hungry and struggle and you can eat whatever you like as long as your sensible.

In todays society instant gratification is available in everything so its totally understandable to want the weight off as soon as possible but the best rewards come from long term projects in my opinion :)
Thanks for all your advice,I will just carry on,I know I shouldnt weigh daily but a havbits a habit and hard to break,I think thou theres no point really as I gain on weigh in day so I could lose 7lbs in 2 days then gain back 6 in the week due to my bodys functions........

I do wish I could lose 2-3lbs a week,I also sometimes get abit :( as I see people have lost double me in the same time span and I have 100%ed ,I see I lose slow but its still mentally hard at times.

Thank you again xx


Right to the 'point'
as I see people have lost double me in the same time span and I have 100%ed ,I see I lose slow but its still mentally hard at times.

Thank you again xx
Just remember, losing weight isn't a race, there is no prize for being the first one there. Everyone is a winner when they get there!

(I may copyright that and make it a book :8855:)


Right to the 'point'
Yeah go for it but Id like to be the Hare once ;) x
Well you've done better than me each week of the last 3 so I'm away to polish my shell! :)