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cambridge diet shakes ...


The Diet Guy

Are you mixing them up well enough? They should not be lumpy or powdery and if so you can mix them more?

If they are too strong then put more water in them.

Have you tried them hot?

If you aren't keen on the chockie then call your CDC and swap flavours!

Loads to choose from

Yes this happened to me, I was so eager to start and then all that happened was I felt sick whenever I had a shake. I managed to get to day 3 and my CDC changed my shakes for tetras and I've lived on them and the odd soup ever since. I didnt like the bars either but alot of people like them

People suggested splitting the packs to me, saying that it was the vitamin concentration causing the sickness. This wasnt the case for me, because I was sick even splitting the packs, so it was 6 times a day instead of 3

I would definitely recommend trying the tetras much easier to take.
hey .. yes im mixing them very well no lumps wot so ever i just dont like the texture of the shakes which makes me wanna puke... i try and down it as fast as i can still feel sick. same happened to me on slim fast i so dont wanna give up im wondering if its ok for me to only have 2 packs a day , i'd rather starve and drink water the whole time :( . gonna see my councilor tomorrow. am glad i only got 3days worth of shakes
Hi Jit, its happened to me too, i am on day 5, almost day 6, do you have a food mixer?

I have had trouble with some of the flavours, my advice would be, make it with ice cold water, and add ice cubes, then hold ya nose, and once its all drunk, then down a pint of water it works honest!!!
I think it's trial and error, i live on tetra's and love them even tho some people hate them...you may like some of the soups, get a variety of all things and maybe try making crisps, muffins, ice cream etc...there is a sticky about the recipes at the top of this forum. I'm sure you'll be advised to drink all 3 a day as thats the way you'll get all your nutrients and vitamins.
Good luck and hopefully you'll find something that suits you.x
hey MiniMe*Escaping ,
ive added ice in the blender and still i feel sick just dont like the taste mainly the texture, im not much of a shake person, this is the only thing im finding difficult .. yes i feel hungry but its expected dont think ill be able to drink these shakes for another day .. am already worried about tomorrow's 3 shakes. im wondering if ill be able to eat 415 kcal a day instead of the shakes :sigh:


The Nerdy Singer
Hey. I'm on day 4 of the diet. And I absolutely DETEST these shakes. I was so sick. I was vomiting so much, and until today have not managed to have all 3 of them. :(

I have tried something new today that works very well. It won't be delicious but they will be edible. Put the packet in a blender with a fair amount of water. Add about 2-3 cups of ice, or more if necessary. Add extracts to taste. With the chocolate, I think that the peppermint will taste quite nice. I had some peppermint in my vanilla, and just a warning - it is STRONG. Put in only a tsp - maybe 2 - otherwise all you will taste is peppermint. Add a packet or 2 of some sugar substitute (I use equal.) Also, the vanilla I have mixed with a bit of vanilla and almond extract and a lot of orange extract (3 tsp) and it tastes like an orange dreamsicle slushie!! Not amazing, but definitely palpable and Almost tasty! Good luck. PM me if you need anything - we can experiment together!

On the silver side of the could - once you are back to "real food" you will likely NEVER crave a milkshake again! ;)

Note: I'm on CD USA. Trust me, it doesn't taste much better. ;)


This is the last time!!
Try drinking it through a straw


Gone fishing
I like the shakes but I feel sick for a few hours after each one,
This can happen because of the concentration of nutrients and minerals. Try splitting them into 6 meals instead or diluting them more :)
The first few days I felt very sick when I'd had the shakes and was worried I wouldn't be able to continue with the diet. It took about a week before I felt okay having them.

Now I don't have that many shakes as proper shakes - I freeze the tetras and make muffins from the chocolate shake powder (really nice). I usually have soup for my evening "meal" and a bar at lunchtime.
im wondering if ill be able to eat 415 kcal a day instead of the shakes :sigh:
You wont get the nutrients you need from eating 415 calories per day.

Honestly try the tetras, I didnt want to try them because I am not a fan of chocolate drinks, still havent had the banana one but I assume it would be the same. The tetras didnt make me sick neither did the bars I just didnt like them.

Have you had the soups? I found them easier to take too. Best of luck chatting to your CDC today, hope you can come up with a solution that suits you going forward
I like the vanilla one wisked up really throthy then added to half cup of black coffee. I drink it relatively quickly then make another one to finish off the shake. Not quite a late but it's about as close as it gets on this diet!!

good luck and try to keep with it


please try again
if you dont like the texture add more water

if i make it with the recommended 227ml its way too thick for me, cant stomach it so i make my shakes with between 400 and 500ml of water and i find it much nicer. i do the same with soups too
just got back from seeing my cdc and she recommended me to try a different flavor , so I decided to go for the mint chocolate and I also bought 1 sachet of Oriental Chili. Had the mint one wasn’t to bad, didn’t feel sick at all, can’t wait to try the Oriental Chili. She also said i can go for 2 shakes and then a meal, but I really want to finish week 1 with only the shakes. I really felt like giving up today but thought I’m on day 3 and cant give up so soon so I’m gonna try and stick with it. My Councilor is very encouraging so this helps with the motivation of drinking the shakes
The only thing I’m worried about is how I am going to make the shakes at work as I work at terminal 5 and you aren’t allowed to take a hand blend thought security! Any one got any tips??


please try again
can i ask did you try all the flavours or was it just the choc u tried?
theres such a variety of choices on cd, bound to be some you like

The only thing I’m worried about is how I am going to make the shakes at work as I work at terminal 5 and you aren’t allowed to take a hand blend thought security! Any one got any tips??
I know its been said before but the tetras are fab for times like that - they are ready made milkdshakes. I personally don't like the powder shakes but quite enjoy the tetras - give it a go - you never know
have you got a plastic beaker with a lid? if not and if all else fails how about an empty water bottle? obviously it would have to be bigger than the amount of liquid you need for the shake? might not blend as well as you would hope but better than falling off the diet wagon?

hope it works out for you