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Cambridge Diet

The next 3 days are going to be hard. Your going to want to eat the iphone it will be that bad but just remember to keep focused. Drink warm water when your starving, you will end up staying fuller for longer, freezing cold water will burn more calories. Just remember WHY you are doing this, don't think negative and don't succumb to 'ONE BITE', I've been there done that and shovelled down the food. Always remember once these 3/4 days are over it's plain sailing from there. What's 12 weeks when you can achieve greatness at the end.... Good luck Zara :)
Eat my iPhone lol noo I could eat horse lol...I'm doin k it's when I take da shake kinda feel wanna b sick ...

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Hmmm is this the shakes in the box or the ones you make with the blender? I would normally down mine, that is the shakes you add water to, I think the consistency might be wrong. Try mixing it in a pint glass...shake to water and not water to shake.. Either that or it may be the flavour. I found vanilla tasted more like cement mix. If the sickness keeps up try switch to the cartons, they are a lot easier and much easier to drink if your on the go all the time.
Hi I'm on cartons ready made milkshakes had my 3rd 1 nw feel k don't feel da sickness much ..itz probably matter of getin use to da shakes ....how long az it been u on da shakes

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I was on the shakes where you add water but found them time consuming and everyone would stare when i was making it in the break area, but when i was on the cambridge diet I was on 3 shakes a day, two cartons, 1 sachet shake and a porridge. You'll get used to them after a while> I do however suggest you try alternate the shakes between packet and carton, you may get bored of them after a while...mint choc chip is too delicious lol. But I'm restarting the Cambridge Diet in August, I refuse to wait for the 12 week clearance. I have 8 stone to lose, 5 of that i piled on by eating like a pregnant hippo looool
Lol I'm goin to try choc mint ...it's hard cuz no iv nt told my family ...lol it's hard hidin da shakes I cnt even put them in da fridge incase some1 myt c dem ...second day tdy doin good so far ..

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Okay...lol it's just thAt I txt alot and I have got this bad habit even sending emails I txt lol..can ask you something am I aloud to av sugar free gum

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Hi Zara read somewhere u can chew sugar free gum but for only 2 or 3 minutes lol hope that helps xx
Lol I'm not sure then I always thought u cudnt chew gum on Cambridge cos it might take you outa ketosis but not sure
ketosis is basically when your fat start metabolizing and burning in place of the carbs.
When you dont have carbs in your system, your body recognizes your fat as the only energy store, and starts burning your fat.
Oh okay thanks alot ..iv jus not got use to the cd SS ...my 3rd day today doing good just a littl weak

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3rd day is usually hard but u can do it. Today is my 1st day I usually mess up by the end of the day and then give up.
Shazza84 said:
3rd day is usually hard but u can do it. Today is my 1st day I usually mess up by the end of the day and then give up.
Think positive and look
On the bright side...and you will get threw

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LOL, you councillor is quite crap.....Lol Ketosis is when your body starts to burn the fat stores in your body, you should of been told all of this..... Don't have any chewing gum, it will make you hungrier, plus it may take you out of Ketosis, it may be sugar free but it's full of other things your body doesn't need right now. If your trying to store the sachet milkshakes in the fridge DON'T, lonce ade you have to drink them immediately as you receive the best nutritional benefits from them, the longer you leave it the 'nastier' it gets tooo.... If you don't want your family knowing your on the diet I would suggest investing in a tiny bedroom fridge... not like you need to store tons of shakes in there 4 cartons a day...But i really don't advise you chewing gum... it'll make you so hungry you'll break the diet... When i did Cambriidge before I went cold turkey on everything, nothing else to drink apart from water and just Cambridge Diet products and shifted 11 stone..so it can be done... what's 12 weeks without chewing gum... If you find your breath starting to smell ( as this can happen once your in ketosis) carry a mini mouth-wash around or some mouth spray.

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