Cambridge/ lighterlife in the sun today


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interesting. I cant believe that woman managed to drink all that in 2 hours anyway!!!

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Also one of the woman the developed an eating proplem ' came up with her own 500 calorie diet' ...that is not the fault of CD or Lighterlife!

I understand that there are potential problems with the diets, however the risk of me dying from an obesity related illness is greater.

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Even the doctors have said they did not follow the guidelines laid down by both diets, stick to what your counsellor tells you is the moral of the story.


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Grrrr, this is so annoying! Those things, loss of hair, brain damage etc could have happened even without the cd or lighter life! People are always to eager to look for something to blame diets.... idiots!


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The hair loss is something we are made aware of though..... I've got really long thick hair & I've noticed lots of hair coming out. It's making me very paranoid. I can't wait to be at goal, hopefully it will stop then. & I'm taking Nourkrin!


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Seems a very unfair article that, how can they blame LL for that girls eating disorder when by her own admission she made her own plan after coming off LL. But then highlighting that doesnt make such a good story does it :rolleyes:


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Maybe I'm just a grumpy old bag but the news editors are after a story that will sell not a true and accurate record of events.
In reality as someone overweight my health is at risk for hair loss - mine does look thinner on top but I had hair loss with each pregnancy and all grew back once my hormones settled down again so I'm working on the same principal.
As the man says listen to the counsellor and follow the diet according to the way its intended....:)


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I find it interesting they slate VLCD's like this when most of their diet success stories contain women who have started on one of these plans before using their diet to maintain that weight loss!
They can't have it both ways, they should either promote how good the diets are by showing lovely new skinny women or slate it by using these dodgy stories about people who lets face obviously have problems doing what they're told by their counsellors and think they know better! :mad:*RANT * *RANT* * RANT*:mad:


your hair does grow back but hopefully without the nasty fat that was there before