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Cambridge to weight watchers...


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Ive been on cambridge since Jan 13th and have lost 3st 3lbs. The last three weeks have been so so hard and my losses have been low but I always knew that when I started this I would move over to WW to learn how to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Is anyone else considering that? I dont want to be disloyal to my CD counsellor lol but it was always my plan. The no food diet is wonderful but its not sorting my issues with food and I need to face them...

any advice or comments appreciated!!

I want to get down to about 10st 10lb so 1 stone and 4lbs to go. I want to get another stone off on CD then im going on the pro points WW plan.

V nervous about it!!

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I have the same plan - but I'll be going to SW.

For me, this is not about loyalty. I need to learn how I need to eat for the rest of my life. CD is not the best for me for that last stage.

Good luck!


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I'm planning the same although think i'm gonna get as close to goal as poss before going to ww. As I know it will be next to impossible to lose on ww after cd (prob gain a few pounds the first couple weeks). I am def gonna use ww to maintain. x


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I did WW a couple of years ago and I think it really taught me a lot. Now I know almost all the calories of my day to day shopping or can estimate the calories and fat levels very well. This has been the reason that when I go on holiday or have a couple of weeks off I barely gain weight as I always chose carefully even if I'm treating myself eg extra light Mayo, low fat spray for cooking, grilling instead of frying...

I found my high carb intake was my main problem as I had a lot of bread and rice. When I get off CD I intend to have my carb portions in the day time and just keep to veg and protein at night.

I'd say u have def made a good choice to switch to WW xx

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Hi Sandyblack, I am planning to move to slimming world as its a more healthier plan and will hopefully be a new way of life. I feel that CD is fab for fast results it is only a means to an end and is not the way to live with food. I struggle on WW and they keep changing it (last time I did it there were 3 changes). I am all for improvement but it is like every Jan they rebrand themselves to get new punters. Also I could use all my pro points on rubbish which inevitably happens. Good luck with your switch. Jayne x
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I'm planning on switching to Slimming World when I have lost the bulk of my weight (so a while yet lol)

I don't think it is disloyal at all, in fact it is a good thing to want to learn more about living with conventional food in a way that won't encourage you to gain weight again. We are all on CD because we made mistakes with our diet and therefore will probably have to watch what we eat for the rest of our lives.
We may as well find an eating plan that will allow us to make it as easy as possible and I believe WW or SW do just that.

Good luck :)

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