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Cambridge USA


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I want to know if there's anyone who's on the Cambridge Diet version USA?

If u are, are u doing exercise and what kind of exercises?

How are your losses? How many did u lost until now?

I'm on the version USA myself but I dont know or see many people that are on it as same as me. So I can talk, share experiences etc with them.... and I see sooo many people here that are on the Europe version, where I see allot of big losses and differences on people. But which I know is a whole different diet, with different results.

I'm on week 9, lost 37 lbs....begin doing some exercise 2 weeks ago, but nothing much! But I still don't see the difference on my body. I want some advice of what exercise can I do.

With the US version we don't have no CDC. It's all on our own, we weigh ourselves and get information by our own by doing research etc.... And 2 weeks ago I've taken my measurements. So it's a little difficult. And I know some of you that haven't done exercise at all, but only stick 100% to the diet, that has had amazing results and no loose skin.

Sooo actually what is the difference between the version USA and Europe?
How has your experience been? Any changes on your body, how do u feel?

I see myself in the mirror and I see all my giggly skin, and I REALLY dont see what the diet is doing. It's like my eyes are blind for my body, but not for the scales! As every week the numbers are going done, but I see myself in the mirror as the giggly fatty me.

I do admit my jeans are getting loser, but for the rest of my body under my clothes I see the same. I admit to that I'm 100% sticking to the diet, only the first week I've eaten fruit, but the next 8 weeks I was 100% to it. And ofcourse drinking my 2.5 to 3 ltr. of water. I feel a little down, because I'm like half way through my main goal to get a normal BMI, but still I DONT SEE DIFFERENCES...And I don't have allot of support and motivation.

I would be really greatful if someone will answer some of these questions and give me some motivations, and if there's anyone who is on the version USA.

Thnx so much :( ;)

P.S: sry if it is too long, I've just wanted to get this out of me...maybe to get some answers :)
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S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
I think that we have a set idea of what "slim" looks like in our heads for ourselves, and we'll steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that our body is changing shape until we see that image taking shape?

I personally dont feel "thin" until about 154lbs, and obviously I'm losing a lot, but until my head recognises what I see, I dont feel I've changed?

Does that make sense?

I also recommned a photo diary with full length shots (in underwear i you are brave) to actually SEE the difference every half stone or so. (obviously you dont have to post them on here ;0)


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Hi Zentje,

Aselyn and I are both using Cambridge USA. I live in the UK but have a US military mailing address so I can order it from the US. I am using Cambridge USA because I like the Food for Life which is soy based. The diet works -- I, personally, recommend some moderate maintainable exercise. In other words, do not fitness mad and then be able to keep up the pace. I lost about 5 stone in 2008, but added in a lot of exercise as my losses slowed (which they will as you lose, because you need fewer calories to fuel your body and it becaomes more efficient the longer you are on the diet).

Once I reached goal -- as long as I was working out a lot I keep the weight off, but the minute I stopped -- I started to regain. I gained back about 2 stone, and have started and stopped with the CD in an effort to lose the weight. What I plan to do this time -- is add in exercise but at a level that I plan to and am capable to making a part of the rest of my life. Otherwise the pounds will come back.

I think you should use photos to see the difference, wear smaller clothes -- you will look bigger in baggy clothes. If you are unhappy with the giggly so some yoga, pilates, toning -- also try some of the firming creams. People in my LL group swore by them.

I remember when you joined and pleased to see that you have stuck with it for over 2 months -- well done. You are adding years to your life -- ans those years will be mush healthier and probalby happier.


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