Cambridge Vs Exante/Tony Ferguson


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C: 17st7lb
Hi everyone,

I have used CD in the past and not maintained, I lost 4stone and looked pretty good but got complacent and well, you know the rest. I am now heavier than when I started.....this was a year or two ago.

I have tried SW and even Orlistat, I start off well but eventually the naughty junk food creeps in and my resolve weakens.

I really think I am better off with a meal replacement /VLCD/LCD with maybe one meal a day

I would like to replace most if not all my foods for now

I have about 6/7 stone to lose, ideally I would like it to be gone by the end of the year, I am 32 with two children.

I feel pretty sad and down at the moment and disgusting.

I just cant afford CD

There are lots of new year offers on with Tony Ferguson/Exante at the moment

any advice welcome
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G: 9st8lb
I'd say buy 1 pack of TF and see if you like it..I have had some TF and found it pretty grim..I have never tried Exante..and how, welcome wobbymummy, and I hope you find a product that works really well for you.



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Id totally recommend Exante, the results are just as good as CD and its only £25 a week - bargain :)