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Camping Meal Ideas


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Hi wonder if you guys could help, our family are going camping soon to Cornwall, and whilst I'm looking forward to the break I am dreading the food. I really want to stay to plan but can see we are just going to end up BBQing beefburgers and hot dogs ever day. Anyone got any idea for meal plans when camping. We will have a 2 ring gas burner and trow away BBQs but thats it for catering equipment.

Any advice really appreciated. x
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You could take tinned beans, spagetti, veg, tuna; bbq isn't so bad you could make up your own SW burgers before you go & have them with a wholemeal roll & tinned veg.

If you take pasta, tinned tuna & corn you can make a pasta salad. Fresh veg so you can have rice salad, pasta salad, also boiled eggs.

You could make some things before you go like a frittata.

have a lovely time;)


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I went camping a few weeks ago and we had a bit of a gourmet BBQ experience:
Day 1 - butterflied chicken on the BBQ served with pasta salad
Day 2 - Steak served with sauteed new potatoes and veg
Day 3 - BBQ leg of lamb with new potatoes and veg (although don't think there would be enough heat for this with throwaway BBQs)

It was a bit easier for just 3 days as we could pick up the meat from the butchers before we went and were able to keep it chilled. It was very nice too... so it doesn't have to be burgers!!

Other ideas are:
- Make a big batch of bolognese/curry/chilli/casserole etc to eat when you get there so you've got a meal ready
- Get free tinned food - i.e. Tesco stewing steak, Asda chickpea dahl and some tinned veg and rice/pasta
- Buy Low syn burgers and sausages to BBQ and make up some Batchelors rice or a pasta salad to serve with along with a bag of mixed salad leaves

Just a couple of ideas, hope it helps.
Have a lovely time, where abouts in Cornwall are you going?

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You could take Sainsbury's Extra Lean Stewed Steak and heat that up, eat with some pasta, or cook some baked beans, boil an egg and have that on your HEB 2 slices of wholemeal toast. Take lots of fruit and carrots (and other veg) for nibbling on. Have a look for some Syn free sausages, I think people on here have said you can by them at Morrisons but not sure of the exact type.

Will come back if I think of anything later :)

ETA cross posted with everyone above!!


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thanks ever so much for your responses, some great ideas. We are going to Pentewan Sands,near St Austell, I have never been to Cornwall so really looking forward to that but just want to stay on plan.


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Hope you have an amazing time. Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country and it is quite easy to stay on plan camping - just stock up on lots of easy food like Alpen lights, mug shots, pasta and sauce, and lots of fruit to snack on.
It's the eating out and ice creams which are harder to resist for me!! x


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I'm going camping in a few weeks too and having the same trouble thinking of meals! Especially as we have no chiller/fridge type facilities, so it's all going to have to be tins and packets. Some good ideas on here though!

Last time I went we had a disposable bbq one night, which wasn't too bad - cooked up some pasta to have on the side and stuck to chicken (mostly... maybe the odd sausage found its way onto my plate..!) We had pasta and passata which was ok, would have been nicer with some veg in but I always keep my veggies in the fridge, don't know how well they'd last in the back of a hot car!

This time I'm stocking up on mugshots and pasta 'n' sauces, and will be taking hifi bars (and hoping my OH doesn't nick them!). Will keep reading this thread for better ideas and inspiration though!
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We're going camping this week so I'm in the same boat. I thought I'd do a green week to keep the cost down but also because I can take packets and tins instead of having to buy fresh each day without a fridge. We'll be in a tent next to the in-laws caravan so have use of the stove and kettle. I'm taking chickpea dahl to heat up with a tin of mushrooms, packets of couscous and pasta n sauce. I'll take some Alpen lights, ryvita and cheese triangles which can live out of the fridge if needed for my HE's. Their fridge is tiny so not much room for yogurts and cottage cheese which I normally eat a lot of so we'll see how I cope. If I get desperate for a change I'll grab some cooked chicken from a local shop and a bag of salad.:D

Have fun!

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