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Can anyone advice on Gallstones


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Now i'm not sure if its anything too worry about but a few weeks ago i had pain by my kidneys on my back and the last couple of days between the shoulders. Massive amount of wind and feeling a bit bloated. Does this sound like symptoms and should I be concerned?, guess the program about diet problems caught my attention a bit.
Its certainly doesnt feel like giving birth(not that i'd know), more of a dull ache, sure its not muscular as I can move about ok without the pain changing.
Thanks in advance, maybe a trip to mrs gp might be in order either way. :)
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you drinking your water ok badger??? btw i get the same pain sometime around back of kidneys i think its lack of fluids/dehydration as it goes when i drink loads of water.

if the pain takes your breath away or if it stings when having a pee get your butt to the GP


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Thanks, it might be a water issue, ive been on the road loads this week and although ive drank enough I do usually drink more so guess my body has been used to more. Will get the fluids down me and see how I am monday. :)


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I had gallstones last year. I don't know if what you are discribing is similar or not to be honest as it sounds like your ache is moving around, there's a big difference between where your kidneys are and where your shoulder blades are.
I had pain (kind of like the worst stich you can ever imagine) under my rib cage that radiated through to my back (right shoulder blade area). The pain wouldn't go away no matter what position I was in (you know like with a stitch where you can go bend over and it dies down) Some people can also feel it going down their right arm as well as down their abdomon.
Does any of this sound like what you're experiancing?


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It could be, I gathered the shoulder pain was more like neuralgia. The other thing is I did have a few days off last week and did consume foods I havnt ate in a while, this included more fatty stuff.
I do have a bit of lower stomach discomfort aswell, as if I need to go tot he toilet.
Is it something that should pass or does it need treating?, all you find on the net is about surgery but I imagine thats a final thing. :)


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Sadly surgery isn't the final thing with gallstones most of the time these days, doctors seem to go with the knife (ok it's keyhole but you get the idea) as the gallbladder is essentially a useless organ much like the appendix. Gallstones won't ever go away on their own I'm afraid.
I would go and see your GP and see what they think. If they even slightly suspect gallstones ask to be refered as if you leave them untreated they can cause major problems (jaundice, infection and liver damage to name a few).
Hiya Badger,,,
Justy to let you know I have had gall stones for years... diagnosed by ultra sound and found whilst cheking for something else.
I have never had any problems with them whatsoever!

Now, pain in your back which isnt ligament/ or muscular could indicate kidney stones , urine infections etc,

Shoulder pain can sometimes be caused by referred pain, the nerve path ways can sometimes send pain to the shoulder when the problem is localized elsewhere.

Any pain that travels into the jaw or down the left arm could be cardiac...

The thing is Badger, we can all telly ou stuff and scare you to death where as a doc can put your mind at rest immediately!

I always say pain is there for a reason, it might not be serious but pain is a response to injury or irritation within the body so should always be looked at if the cause isn't obvious..

I'm sure you will be fine... but do get it checked :)

Meant to add, trapped wind ca give most of your symptoms too!!



needs a real kick in the
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sorry if this doesnt help . when i had my gallbladder out i had an attack late at night after scoffing a pizza, was doubled up being sick, dizzy, tingling in fingers, doc said food poisening, week later same again but couldnt breath either, mine was under rib cage and left side, i was rolling around as if in labour, god it hurt, got rushed straight to hospital for surgery, mine came on out of the blue, and whilst waiting for surgery would come and go, but so bad couldnt move,
hope dr checks you out insist on scan, i was getting little pains for about 2 years previous and would get told it was accute wind. hope its nothing to worry about x

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