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Can I ask a stupid question?

Hiya ladies,

I have been following slimming world here in Cyprus since the 17th of January and I have lost 13.5 lb so far. My last weigh in was two weeks ago becuase the nearest group is a 30 hr dive away and it's just been impossible to get babysitting lately. I lost 2kg before I started at SW and I would be happy to weigh 60kg. When I first came to Cyprus I was 56 kilos (9 stone I think). I think that 9 1/2 stone is more manageable for me because I like to be able to live a little.
Anyway, I digress. At my last weigh in I was 10 stone. So, I want to lose another 1/2 a stone. In the past two weeks I have noticed that the scales are not moving. I never followed the plan 100% with the whole 1/3 veggies etc. I tend to have 15 syns. Should I start to have a few less syns would you say?
I am trying to up the exercise however I have a hip injury which limits me a bit.
Finally, I often do slimming world roast dinners and I said to my husband that it's free as long as you remove the skin off of the meat before you eat it but he said because I put the pototoes around the meat they must soak up the fat from the meat. What do you reckon? I have a receipe for lamb in one of the SW mags and it does say to put sliced potatoes around the lamb.

Many thanks
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I think it probably makes more sense to follow the plan 100% rather than cut your syns. Then if it still isn't working, reduce syns to 10 a day. Also, drink more water if you are exercising more.
With regardso thte lamb, I see what your husband is saying ,and to be honest I have steared clear of Lamb in general since starting as it is quite a fatty meat anyway, but if you are followign a SW recipe I can't see how much damage it can do.
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If the meat is fatty (like roasting a chicken etc ) if you cook the potatoes with it then they will have syns. If you use chicken breasts, lean lamb etc you can cook the potatoes with it and not syn the potatoes/ veg.


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SW actually tells you to take the fat off meat before you cook it rather than before you eat it - hope that helps :)
Thats actually a good point. We discussed this in group the other week as there was a woman who cooked it with the fat on and then took it off. When someone pointed out that it will have melted into the meat she said' thats why I wash it under the tap before I eat it' I kid you not!!


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I thought if you used fat/oil to cook with then you had to syn the food but if you use frylight or cook without fat then it's free.
I thought if you used fat/oil to cook with then you had to syn the food but if you use frylight or cook without fat then it's free.
Yes, but it has to be lean in the first place as I understand it. So you should remove skin and fat before cooking. Though how on earth you could do this with a Leg of Lamb I have no idea.
Thank you ladies for your kind replies. I will attempt to go 100% for the next few weeks (starting after Easter!!). Actually tonight i'm going for Chinese as I have been looking for a job for six months (I lost my last job the end of last November). So it's a celebration.

As for the leg of lamb, well I am pretty sure it doesn't say on that reciepe that you got to take the skin off before you cook. I also hve another similar receipe that was within a pack of laminated cards which is called "roast leg of lamb with rosemary,garlic and pink peppercorns". Actually on this one it does say to trim all visible fat before you cook so maybe I should!!
Lamb is eaten at Easter time here a lot. In Greece they cook a whole lamb on a spit but here in Cyprus they do it souvla style which means cutting the meat into large chunks then roasting over a spit.

Thanks again; I will try a bit harder and hopefullg I will lose the last bit of weight (or what I am more afraid of creeping up another 1/2 a stone).



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I think the basic rule (as i understand it) is that all visible fat should be removed 'before' cooking, however chicken can be cooked in its skin, but it needs to be removed before serving.
You've had some great advice from the girls. I'd join them in saying try following it 100% as the superfree veg does make a difference (you'll also be getting more vitamins) & make sure you're drinking enough water as that can help with your losses.
Hope the scales move for you soon. *hugs* xx

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