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can I have...?

so far today had bacon and a poached egg for breakfast.

cottage cheese,prawns and salad leaves with celery and red onions for lunch.

Having chicken breast stirfried with peppers, onions and mushrooms for dinner. Could I have a couple of slices of morrisons reduced fat garlic bread with it?:confused:

Had a little milk in my coffee as my HE A

HAVEN'T ACTUALLY BEEN TO MY FIRST EVER SW MEETING yet....that's on Tuesday but I have tried to eat according to plan this past week by borrowing SW books from a friend.
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I want to be fitter again
good attempt but you really need to read the books or get some further guidance. You haven't had any carbohydrtaes Can't fathom out which plan you are doing out of red green or Extra easy. Where are your B options How much milk and what sort have you measured out. How many syns are your garlic bread. if it is a red day you need two healthy extra B s. So many ifs and buts. need more information please xx
As I said i'm just new to this...but very determined to succeed.

The books were bought from a group meeting last year and I have read them but evidently not quite understood them yet!...I'm sure at least hope that it will make more sense after I attend my meeting on Tuesday.

I have no idea about how to calculate syns for the bread. Should I have had carbs earlier in the day and if so what and when would you have suggested?

Sorry i'm a bit vague...i'm just trying to grasp a basic understanding of how SW actually works before I go so that I get off on the right foot!

I think i'm really confused about what's a red day and what's a EE and more importantly how do you decide!!!!....help


I want to be fitter again
You need to refer to the book Food Optimising. It will be divided into two main sections red and green. If you turn the book over you will see that the green starts on one side and the red starts on the other. However last years book doesn't give you the freedom of a fairly new day named Extra Easy For this one have a look at the section above for newcomers including extra easy written by squiddie. It is an excellent description. You can freely enjoy most lean meat, fish, pasta, potatoes, rice, most fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, fat free yogurts. fat free cottage cheese,and qourn sausages,mince and meat style pieces. This all needs to be prepared without fat. On top of that you choose your healthy extras listed as A and B. A is your dairy section and B is bread, crispbreads, nuts,cereals and many others . You choose one item from each of these per day some of which will need to be measured accurately. On your plate of say chops and mash you must have a third of your plate full of superfree foods (listed in orange pages). Then on top of all this food which you can eat whenever you are hungry, you can choose 5 - 15 syns per day. if you haven't got a full syns book i would stick to the ones listed in the food optimising book until Tuesday. the consultant will go through this all with you when you join and you will get the up to date 2010 books. You need to read re read and read again until you are certain what you are doing. This is probably as clear as mud. have alook at some of the diaries as this will give you an idea of what people eat in a day. On the slimming world web site you can try for free a 7 day sample menu. Good luck xx
many thanks....will most definately give SW a try and it's nice to know that you guys are there for help and advice....many thanks. By the way my dinner...with garlic bread was fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!