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can i join twice?

Hi, I dont know exactly how much weight i need to lose, but i think i could join this thread at least twice! I am the fattest person i know, I have friends who have joined clubs etc to help them lose maybe a stone or two, and i always think that wouldnt even be noticed on me..when a healthy weight is so far away it just seems impossible, but the stories here of how well you have all done make me think that maybe i can do it after all..so i'd like to join the century club please. i dont want to 'go on a diet' i want to change my whole lifestyle. my first goal is to actually register on the scales but i dont want my life to revolve around the scales..does that make sense? i'd like my goals to be things like 'walking my son to school'; 'wearing that outfit' etc Anyway, here goes the first steps on the journey to a new me. thank you all for being here, i have a feeling i'm going to need you!:eek:
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It's not impossible. In fact I think you'll find to begin with the weight flies off! I am nowhere near my goal yet, but loads of people have told me I look totally different, tons of weight lost etc.

There's a great post on here about using this moment. I read it whenever I get frustrated with how long this takes:

You CAN do it! :D
thank you boggins, for your reply, and also for that link..just what i needed to hear :) i see you talk about inches off rather than weight off...i think that would work for me too, cos at the minute the scales dont register my weight so i dont actually know how heavy i am..unless 'far too' is a proper measurement....so i think i'm going to measure myself instead. thanks for taking time to reply, it really helps x
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Hi Tracy and welcome to the century club. keep us posted and we'll all be here to help you


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It's definitely do-able.
I'm closing in on my second century in the next few months hopefully if I can get shifting again.
Being larger means that even the simple act of walking to the fridge means you're burning more calories than someone smaller just because your muscles are working harder and are bigger to start with.

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Oh and get yourself to a club if some sort even if it's only to join up and get the materials.
They have scales that go up to 40st or more so at least you'll have an idea how far you have to go and how far you've come.
The "plan" that they give you is also a good guide to get you started.

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I remember when I couldn't weigh myself & my 2 year old on the wii fit as we were too heavy combined, now I can easily weigh myself & my very tall 8 year old with a bit to spare.

I'd second joining a club too, I'm doing Slimming World & I find it very easy on the whole. The support from the other members is great. I've been voted Woman of the year & Miss Slinky, something I'd never have dreamed of when joined at almost 22 stones.
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Get yourself to a slimming club and tell your consultant that you don't want to know your weight, just what you have lost each week, until you have enough confidence too face those scales. When you have lost a bit and the compliments come flying your way all people want to know is "How much have you lost?" not how much you still weigh.
Best of luck to you, you can do it!! Xx

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