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Can I really eat this much and lose weight??


I'm Lyndsay and completely new to this site and to Slimming World.

I have to admit that after nearly 16 years of battling with bulimia and my weight rising and dropping through the floor within weeks of eachother, I have decided to take the bull by the horns and lose weight properly using a healthy diet and exercise.

I went to my first class last night and the idea of the amount I can and am supposed to eat is filling me with fear and anxiety as it is a complete change of thinking and I do not have a great relationship with food.

I am eating breakfast for the first time since my teens and a proper lunch, dinner and fruit in between but I seem to be hungrier than I ever have been, is this normal?

I am also really thirsty and drinking loads of water something else that I never did before unless it was with a forced meal so I could carry out my usual practices afterwards.

Any help on how to use this site and friendly support would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)
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Hiya, I'm new to the site to so sorry I cant help you on that but I started SW again (tried it last year but just couldn't get into it) in Aug and have already lost 10½ lb in 4 weeks which is the most I have ever lost! I couldn't get my head round it and how I could eat so much stuff, but it does work yes it may only be 1lb a week sometimes but its better than putting on! Doing this has also opened me up to loads of new stuff I can eat and I found using the SW website so easy to use for my food diary and getting loads of new recipes, so that is one thing I would say to do if you aren't already. All the best with your weight loss :)


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Hi there :)

I really struggled for a little while, the concept of eating so much yet still have the ability to lose weight. I ate 3 meals a day (sometimes 4 if i was up and about early) and i snacked a few times a day too, on fruit, fat free yoghurt or veggies

I lost 6lb in my first week, and so far (in about 4 1/2 months) i've lost 3 stone 5 (as of last weigh in) It really does work!

Best thing you can do is book mark the slimming world sub-forum, it makes it easier to navigate at first :)

There is a section where you can post with people who get weighed the same day as you (so i'm in a tuesday group) and there are also threads where you can chat with people who are in the same "stone" band as you (i'm currently in the 20-19s and hoping to go into the 19-18's in the next week or so :) )

Keep posting! There are lots of chatty threads in the "chit chat" forum. There are restrictions on, like you can't view peoples' profiles until something like 50 posts, so just keep chatting to people.

Also- if you feel as though you're eating too much/not enough/the wrong things- post up what you eat on here- and people can have a look and suggest any ways you could change what you're doing

i hope this helps :) my brain stops functioning at about 11pm so i might not be making much sense lol

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