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Can I resist temptation- Hippoellie's short and sweet holday diary

I am leaving on my holiday in 4 hours- 8 days visiting my niece in Germany- really looking forward to it, but will I be able to resist temptation? Eating on the train? Going to the Easter fair? Visiting Lubeck, the home of marzipan chocolate at Easter? My mother-in-laws disapproval of my diet and urge to make me eat 'proper healthy meals'.

Oh flip! Will it all go horribly wrong after almost 7 wonderful LL weeks and a 30 pound weight loss?

So I am going to keep this short diary while I am away to help keep me on track- hopefully the best support network in the world (that's you miniminers!) will send me some words of encouragement to keep me on track. I won't be able to post loads, because no wireless where we are going, but will be able to log on and cry for help in the evenings.

Wish me luck!:wave_cry: (waving you goodbye at the station)
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somebody shrink me
With that kind of mindset, nothing will flippin stop you!!!

The marzipan chocolate will still be there next easter I'm sure! And as for your mother in law, well, if she doesn't understand then she doesn't understand!! Just be firm with her that you know what you're doing :D

Good luck!!

And above all, have a fab time!!!
Have a wonderful time - I went away (skiing) after a few weeks but managed to SS despite yummy French food. I did inhale the fumes from the fondue though! Travelling was tricky - we drove from Calais to the Alps so I drank lots 1/2 hour before petrol stops. You're in ketosis so you won't be physically hungry. Just think of the scales when you get back - you get a nice big loss as it's more than a week! Btw I have a bar every day - like you I was a bit worried about the extra carbs at first but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. Bars are great when you're out and about.

It's not going to go horribly wrong - you've been doing it long enough to know how to resist temptation. You'll be fine! Just enjoy yourself and look at the big picture and a healthy future.
Have a great time, an remember, when you come back and the scales are down, its a better feeling then falling off, trust me x
First day behind me!

Good morning everyone- wow I have missed you! 36 hours without minimins could be seriously bad for your health. Forgive my speeling if it goes wron´- am using a German keyboard and the y and z are in dfferent places!

Journey proper started at 5 am yesterday morning at Waterloo- greeted by the smell of baking croissants- why oh why do they do that? Bought 3 bottles of water instead...

Next challenge Brussells Midi where every second shop sells Belgian truffles- fortunately only a few minutes to change platforms, so bought 2 bottles of water!

Cologne was tough- one of the things I realised when I thought about it is that my head tells me its okay to tr< a bit if this and a bit of that, because its the local food and I SHOULD have a bit. So normally it would have been- lets get a roll, lets get some of the different fried fish, lets get some schnitzel in a bun. Anyway had a peppermint tea in starbucks- sitting outside in the sun which was a lovely treat and then...bought two bottles of water!!

Arrived in Hamburg at tea time, and was well-protected by my OH from the bombardment of questions- only had to answer the ´but what will Kathy have´and ´but what will Kathy do´questions a few times. Dinner was a very traditional (and actually alright meal if I had been on Atkins, boo hoo) ham white aparagus and dill sauce- looked lovely, but I had a Thai Chilli soup instead- I think the fact tht I sat with a big bowl full of hot soup helped put my mother in law´s mind at rest a little bit- clearly I am on a faddy diet but not so outrageously faddy after all . Still asked if I could eat fruit though- not being allowed to is clearly a BAD THING, but she coped pretty well. And then I was asked- and what will happen in a year, will you totally disappear- which was a compliment really, so I was quite pleased!

Well for those of you who don#t know Germany, Sunday is coffee and cake day- going to see our niece for the first time this afternoon and there is a cake in the oven already. But I will take my bar, eat it slowly and really enjoy!

Hope you are all coping too!

Well done for surviving the train journey and 1st day - you know you can do it now! You've got over the biggest hurdles so just enjoy the holiday and be proud of yourself for thinking all those "adult" thoughts. It's great your husband is so supportive.


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Well done Hippoellie your doing magnificent in the face of all those yummy foods.:hug99:

Your so right to say to keep going now and finish your diet journey
and not have it dragging on...

Thinking of you.

Love Mini xxx
Great Day for you, I was drooling not being there!!!! Well done, and keep up the hard work x
Hi All- Baby is gorgeous- nearly cried when she held my finger!!!:D

Ate toffee bar while the family ate cake- felt so virtuous!

Next challenge is the land of marzipan tomorrow- lunch will be coffee and cake I think I#ll have mmmmmmmmm Lemon Bar!

The LL diet is so good for this because no hunger pangs- so although I would love to take credit for having loads of willpower actually it is easier to say no when your stomach isn't gurgling away. Looked at wedding photos from last year today and mum-in-law said you are shrinking! High praise indeed- I finally impressed the woman after years of promtions, providing her child (my OH) with a lovely home and garden and cooking the best meals possible. We even went for a long walk together this morning and played on a kids zip slide like little girls!!

Happy daxs- but missing yu all, not really getting a chance to read anyone#s posts on otjer threads and be supportive- can#t wait to catch up when I get back!

Night all from Hamburg

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