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  1. Kilobel

    Kilobel Full Member

    Hiya all
    & a MASSIVE thanks for getting me through the weekend, I cant believe day 6 & I am still on the straight & narrow (well hopefully getting narrow eh?)
    Anyway I just wondered if any of ya know if CD shakes will be the same? I have 16 of them here & dont just wanna throw them away but dont know anything about the diet as I was given them by a friend (shame to waste them I thought)
    So I was gonna use 1 of these a day instead of LT. Do ya think taht would do any harm?
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  3. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

  4. Kilobel

    Kilobel Full Member

    Thanks hun, Just being a tight wad really arent I lol?
  5. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    CD and LT work by the same principals. You'll be fine having a mixture of the shakes hun. Thats what I'm doing at the moment.

    Good luck xx
  6. thembie

    thembie Full Member

    I dodn't think there is a problem as I ran out of my CD shakes last week and ened up using my leftover LT shakes.

    Much love

  7. Kilobel

    Kilobel Full Member

    Thanks everyone :)
    Just saves a few pennies thats all Plus a bit of variety
  8. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Saving pennies for a new wardrobe instead - a great plan! It is always worth having a few spares for mistakes or if you can't get to the chemist on your usual day. I have an extra weeks worth just in case!

  9. YumyMumy

    YumyMumy Crawling to the finish!

    hey I am ung CD until my supply runs out but starting LT on Friday. They are all made by the same company (thats what an old LLC told me) and they all work on the same principle so I think its fine xx
  10. Kilobel

    Kilobel Full Member

    Thanks everyone. I did have one for lunch but tbh it was vile compared to LT lol (never thought I would enjoy LT lol)
    So they will go to waste unless hubby wants to try em
    Cheers anyway

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