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Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by Lisa123, 25 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    I can't decide whether to do cc or sw. I don't know which one is best for me.
    I start every day trying to be good and by lunch time I've fallen off the wagon. I cant remember the last time that I was within my allowance. I am generous with my calories and allow myself up to 1650 but every day I'm hitting 3000 plus.

    I want to lose weight but I just can't stick to anything.

    Today I was super good weetabix for breakfast but then I had a twix and biscuits. I then had pizza for lunch and am currently eating popcorn.
    It doesn't help that it's raining and the kids are off. I'm not blaming them but I do eat when they stress me out.

    I need a wake up call. I know what I'm eating is killing my body hence I was thinking of sw but I can't seem to do anything.

    Any advice. X

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  3. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    Thanks cavegirl. I know you are right. I suppose once ive done a few days of a diet I get into it but just don't know if to do sw or cc

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  4. Rhubarb_Cakes

    Rhubarb_Cakes Full Member

    I'm the same. Always juggling between diets wondering which one would be best. For me at the moment I think calorie counting is winning. I'm 38 weeks pregnant on Wednesday. After baby is born I plan on getting back on track as I've been eating what I've wanted when I've wanted for the last 30 weeks!

    For me I dont like the idea of having to pay to get weighed or loose weight. I didnt have the money to spare before so I certainly wont in a couple of weeks. Whatever you decide there are lots of free tools and guides to help.

    I've lost weight before - I know I can do it again. So can you.
  5. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    Thankyou rc. I think cc is the best for me.
    I lost loads with cc before.
    I think I'm going to try and cut out the rubbish and drink more and obviously eat only whrn hungry.
    Wow not long to go for you. Are you all prepared?

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  6. Rhubarb_Cakes

    Rhubarb_Cakes Full Member

    Yes all prepared. Finished work on Friday. Hospital bag is all packed. Just waiting for bump to be ready now :)
  7. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    Ooohh good luck. Do you have children already?

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  8. Rhubarb_Cakes

    Rhubarb_Cakes Full Member

    Nope. This is our first! :) scared and excited at the same time

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