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Can you be veggie on EE?


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I don't understand why a veggie would want to do Extra Easy rather than green, where you can have twice as many Hexs, including lots more cheese. But then I love cheese :D


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Yeah, why would you want to?


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I think there could be a few reasons. If green isn't working for some people then maybe EE would work better with the whole 1/3 of the plate superfree. While I've been following green days I've found there have been a few days where I haven't had that much veg (awful with me being vegan and all :eek:) and stocked up on carbs instead.

I also struggle to get all the healthy extra's in my plan as well and have probably done EE without even realising it!

OP, it's definitely possible. As long as you're eating a varied balanced diet then you will naturally get all of the protein you need.


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I don't understand why a veggie would want to do Extra Easy rather than green, where you can have twice as many Hexs, including lots more cheese. But then I love cheese :D
Because green isn't shifting the weight that much! it has taken me 8 weeks to loose 7 lbs! so i am looking at other options! my diet really wasn't that different to green plan before i started SW i have cut down on the amount of fats and syns i eat (still having about 5-7 6 days a week with a few more one day a week) but otherwise it is pretty similar so i have cut back to EE 1 HEX A & B per day and it seems to be doing the trick in the last week at least, but i want to loose weight in a healthy way so wanted to check out the nutritional side of the EE and red days if i am not eating any meat or fish.

To be honest F4ye, you only wanted to lose 20lb in the first place so losing 7lb in 8 weeks is pretty good going! I know its easy to get dismayed when you hear of others losing bigger amounts, but the weight is coming off you steadily at a rate that SW recommend you lose it at!

It is always good to put some variety into what you eat just to prevent boredom eating setting in, but you have nothing to worry about - you are doing very well!!!
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In America all we have is EE. I am a ovo-lacto vegetarian so it works fine for me. We also get 2 healthy a's and one healthy b but only are allowed 5-10 syns a day. They allowed us one more HEa because apparently our food has less calcium than the food in England. go figure. Anyway, my point is it can definatly be done. you do have to follow it exactly though because I forgt that we were suppose to eat 1/3 superfree with every meal and didn't lose any weight for about 2 months. Went back to eating 1/3 fruit and veg and I lost 3lbs in one week!
I do wish we had original and green here as options as well though.


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Surely you could just try and add 1/3 superfree or at least more fruit & veg to your green diet though? That way you get your 4 hexs :)

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