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Can you eat too much??


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I started the diet this morning, and have already eaten:

Pre breakfast (got up exceptionally early today!)of 1 banana, natural yoghurt, 1 tsp honey (1 syn) and strawberries

Breakfast: weetabix and milk HEXab and banana

Lunch: wholewheat pasta, olives (2 syns), red and yellow pepper, spring onion, baby sweetcorn, mayo (1 syn), tomatos

Snack: muller light yoghurt with banana, and handful of frozen fruit.

Is this right!!! or should i calm down a tad???
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It seems fine to me but then I probably eat more than a lot of people. If you look at what you've eaten it is all healthy stuff so I shouldn't worry. As long as you aren't full to bursting then I don't think it's overeating. Eat til you're comfortable and then eat later if you feel the need.
Im pretty new to this just on my second week, so i wonder about this too, i know its all meant to be free but surely theres an emement of portion control...????
well wen u read the book it says unlimited amounts so if u cant eat as much as u want then the book wudnt have been written, my consultant always used to say the more free food u eat the more u lose! the diet wudnt be written like that if that wasnt the case... which is why u are limited with bread etc its must all even out..


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if thats true christie then IM LOVING THIS DIET!! lol


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You might want to go easy on the bananas though as three in a day might be a bit much. See how your losses go and take it from there.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Yeah circes - someone at my group was struggling to lose and it was down to 4 bananas a day :(


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i would check throught the books, i think you can eat all the free food you like - within reason! (as long as you dont make yourself sick or feel Christmas day dinner full!)

I would sugegst that you have more superspeed fruit, such as melon, berries etc, rather than the banana and grapes options to fill you up and speed up your losses x

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yeah i was having trouble and wondering why i wasnt losing what i thought i shudda been and it was down to the amount of bananas i was eating

i now eat raspberries and im gonna try strawberries tomorrow
Well iv just double checked with my consultant and she said its fine to eat as much free food as u want, morning noon and night if u wish and the more the better! As long as its 100% free then its fine J


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i would also like to add - make sure you have a variety of foods - if your body has the same foods all the time, it get used to them - shake it up a bit :D xxx


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When I was on SW before I used to eat all the time claiming 'IT'S FREE, IT'S FREE' but in reality u shld only eat enough to satisfy ur hunger. Can't believe how calm & satisfied I feel this time round. Only day 3 mind u ha ha x


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I have never been on a diet like this before where I have ate so much and still managed to lose weight.

It feels surreal:)
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Will be thin god dammit!!
I really cant do that - Im totally paranoid that if I eat constantly ( even free stuff ) i will not lose weight, I stick to 3 meals a day with some healthy snacks like fruit, yoghurt and alpen light bars and its working for me.
But if your happy - Go for it!!


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Yeah but surely if ur eating for eatings sake then ur taking in extra calories that u don't need therefore possibly slowing down ur weight loss.It's getting the balance right from eating more than u actually need & eating enough!! Things have changed since I was last a member - now they tell u to go for the superfree foods outwith a meal & if ur still hungry after that then by all means have something else.
consultant once told me that I wasn't losing weight as I wasn't eating enough and that I had to eat more free food to stimulate my metabolism.The only things she said to be wary of were grapes and bananas.Fruit used to be a sin(very old days). I did what said and started losing!!
yeah but hunca sw dont count calories so its not about that, its been proven that these foods help u lose weight in unlimited quantities and if thats wat books says then its correct!and my consultant says same whose lost 15st! yep that wud be right louisedan the more u eat the more u lose!;)x

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Ive started eating more over the last few weeks after having a bit of a plateau and ive managed to shift 10lbs in the last 3-4 weeks, it definately works - like others have said, if it wasnt ok to eat "unlimited" free foods, they wouldnt claim that in their literature. Trust the diet - it definatley works!! xxx

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