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Can you freeze fruit and veg????


Yummy Mummy! xx
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My mum works in a fruit and veg shop (bonus I know!) and before she went away for a week she bought me a HUGE bas round full of fruit and veg. I will NEVER get through it all and was wondering whther I can freeze stuff like grapes (ive got 3 punnets lol!!) Peppers (Ive got 3 x red, 3 xgreen and 2 x yellow) and peaches? (Ive got 9!!)

Thank you in advance to anyone who knows!
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Yes absolutely!

For the grapes I would freeze them in a single layer, spread out on a baking sheet or tray. May sure there is space between the fruit so they freeze individually rather than in one large frozen mass. That way you'll be able to take out as many as you want at a time instead of having to defrost the whole lot in one go.

With the peppers I would slice them and blanch them before freezing. Put the sliced peppers in boiling water for a minute or so and then remove them and immediately plunge them into iced water. Again freeze them in a single layer in the same manner as the grapes.

I've never tried freezing peaches I must admit but there are lots of resources online telling you how to do it, such as
How to freeze  peaches, nectarines and plums  (complete directions with photos)
I freeze banana slices and pineapple slices lovely to eat from frozen-like grapes.I was wondering if anyone has tried frozen strawberries cos they can be a alittle mushy if you defrost them.I have peeled/cored apples for cooking as well.
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yeah totally, my partner works on allockments and he brings home loadssss of veg so we usually break it up and put it in freezer :D


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Most definitely and lots can be dry frozen...i.,e. on an open tray.

We love peaches poached with a little orange juice. Poach and whilst still firm remove from the heat. When they have cooled down, put in containers in the freezer. They are brilliant with your morning cereal. DH loves his with a little sugar added and poured over icecream......he would he is lovely and slim.

I even freeze lemon slices to add to slimline tonic or to serve with fish.

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