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Can you have a look at what i've eaten the past week

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Fat&FedUp, 26 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. Fat&FedUp

    Fat&FedUp Full Member

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    and tell me if i'm doing something wrong?

    Here goes:


    Fat free yoghurt, diet coke, 1% mug shot, Home made quorn sheperds pie

    B choice - 2 ww wm bread, 2 alpen light

    A choice - 3 babybel light

    Syns - 1 oxo cube = 1syn


    Fat free yoghurt, half a melon, 1 banana, diet coke, water, home made quorn sheperds pie, another half a melon

    A choice - 3 babybel lights

    B choice - 2 ww wm bread,
    400g tin heinz spring veg soup

    Syns - 1 oxo cube = 1 syn, Highlights hot choc = 2 syns, creme caramel = 1.5 syns, walkers french fries = 4.5 syns


    Beans, 2 quorn bangers, onions, mushrooms, sw free chips, water, diet coke, tea.

    A choice - 25g cheddar, 250mls ss milk
    b choice - 2 ww wm bread

    Syns - 2 m&s salads = 4 syns, low fat mousse = 2 syns, Highlights hot choc = 2 syns, 5 rich tea fingers = 5 syns


    Banana, diet coke, 1% mug shot, tea, lf cottage cheese, 1 tomato, dry roasted potato's, peas and green beans, diet coke, water.

    A choice - 250ml ss milk

    B choice - 2 weetabix, 4 ryvita


    28g chicken = 2.5 syns, 3 RTfingers = 3 syns, walkers french fries = 4.5 syns.

    Thats from weigh in last wednesday to Sunday night.

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  3. Louise24

    Louise24 Gold Member

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    slimming world
    Looks great to me, don't seem to have much fruit there though lady!!
  4. Almag

    Almag New Member

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    Slimming World
    Hi Fat and Fed up!

    I might be wrong but....

    1. Are you sure the 400g Heinz soup is a definite B choice?
    2. Is the fat free yoghurt deffo free too - I've found not all yoghurts are.
    3. Is the quorn shepherd's pie deffo free too?

    Apart from that. Looks pretty good - except I agree with Louise24 - a bit more fruit would be good!

  5. linda mct

    linda mct Member

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    just checked heinz spring veg soup is on the grab & go def hb
    def need more fruit, chop an apple and cover with lf cottage cheese-lovely.Try to eat more free foods, you don't seem to be eating enough
  6. Fat&FedUp

    Fat&FedUp Full Member

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    Yes the soup is definately a B choice, the fat free yoghurt is Mullerlight - usually toffee, and the quorn shepherds pie is definately free (apart from 1 oxo cube) because i make it myself from scratch.

    Will try to eat more fruit and more veg too.

  7. dandy

    dandy New Member

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    It´s not that complicated really. It´s all about how much calories you eat and how much calories your body burn.
    So when you loose 0.5 kg than you have burned a bit more calories than you ate that week.
    Eat less, reach a higher activity level and drink water. That will do it:)
    I know.... it´s easier saying than doing..
    I use the calculator in my signatur. It´s really helpful. There you can also check your food and what it contains.
  8. destinya1969

    destinya1969 Member

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    I myself did sw before and it looks like to me that maybe you are not eating enough syns 10 a day would be good as the syns make up an important part of the diet, however I stuck to it well and didnt lose alot the diet didnt work well for me on the otherhand my mate did really well on it

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