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Can you really lose weight eating all this free food???

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
cos its all good stuff that your body needs and can use .....rather than junk. also your not mixing your proten foods and high carb foods at the same time......just go with it, its ace!


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I came to SW after doing WW and it was REALLY hard to get my head around it, but lost 6.5 lbs the first week! It is great and you never need to be hungry!!



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thats why the majority of thin people say they eat and eat and are never hungry and dont put on weight its because they eat free food without realising its 'free'. its the stuff your body is designed to eat. go with it, its great!


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Never mind how and why, it just works! Eat and enjoy x


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I can't get my head around it! How on earth can you manage to lose weight eating all this stuff? :confused:
Hi Lana, i know exactly how you feel, i have been making myself ill all week thinking I been eating to much, read my diary, I think i've done nowt but moan and doubt the diet was going to work, but been to wi tonight and was convinced was going to stay the same but lost 3.5lbs, couldn't believe it, its amazing that can eat all this food and lose weight, so try and stop worrying and see what the scales say, no idea how this diet works but it does xx
The science bods in the head office have worked it out so that the foods you're eating are both low in calories and fat, and fill you up at the same time. A healthy balanced diet is more than just calories, or fat - but Slimming World make it easy to focus on the right foods.

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