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can you wonderful people give me some advice?!


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Hey all! Ok, so I messed up BIG time last week between thursday and Sunday and as a result have spent the whole week desperately trying to lose the 2lbs I gained. I've got a bit obsessive with it, finding a few of of the ED tendancies creeping in. I've weighed myself twice a day since Tuesday (NOT good)
The thing is, the weight I gained isn't coming off, I've lost 1lb and weigh in is tomorrow.

Now I've gone and eaten 21 points, i've not even had my dinner and I've only got one left! There's no real excuse, I just need to pull myself together.

My question is, what should I do about dinner?? Just eat a 1 point soup? I would find it very easy to skip altogether, but I find skipping meals trigger my anorexic behaviour, and I don't want that almost as much as I don't want to have to log a gain on my chart. :(

Any suggestions, other than "sort it out."!
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Just eat as normal since there's no going back now really is there. Just take the gain on the chin and let it be a reminder not to do that again!

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I'd have the soup. Better to have something than not, it'll keep your metabolism going.
And then just see what weigh in brings. You might be pleasantly surprised, and if not at least you were prepared and know where you went wrong.
Draw a line and carry on back within your points :)
Good luck for tomorrow!


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Can only agree with the above posts. You cannot undo what you have already eaten so try and eat normally for the rest of today, a low point meal and low point snacks.

Draw a line and start again, if you have a gain its not the end of the world and you can lose it. But as has been said you may not gain so see how things go.

Good luck


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Thank you! :)

I had a salad with some ham and ww danish bread. Thats 1.5 points which brings me in just over my daily intake. I guess its just about thinking things through. Thats th beauty of WW, it's so easy to adapt it on a daily basis. I just hope I can sort my mindset out for next week!


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it takes time you can't expect to be perfect straight away and as humans we are pretty variable creatures so there will be ups and downs, gains and losses in all walks of our lives.

I think you did an amazing job! You talked through your worries, had a good meal which kept you close to your points allowance and didn't go off the rails in either direction :D

Small steps, I've battled EDNOS for years so I know how easily your mind can spiral into that if I don't eat I will lose weight mindset but then the scientist in me says you have to eat to lose weight.


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