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Cancelled Holiday

Well first of all can I say if you work for XL or HBOS, sorry for all of your stress and I hope it all sorts it's self out soon. However my holiday company wanted an extra £1005 to fly 3 of us to Egypt for our planned holiday on 21/10/08. Can't do that, so the other option was to cancel and have a refund....agreed to that only to be told it could take 6 months. Talk about fed up.
Then I decided at least I'll get my money back, not like the poor souls who work there, and when I do finally get to go on holiday I'll be properly slim instead of getting there, so really it's a bonus.
I'm going to concentrate on Christmas, a nice dress and a good feeling is what I'm after.
Whatever life throws at me this week, I'm going to throw right back, I'm on this 100% now, no wine for me at the weekend..(forgot I have a hen night on Saturday - so will have to see if I can get some extra will power from Sainsburys.
Sorry to go on...Thanks for listening.:sigh:
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awwwwwwww hun sorry bout your holiday, glad your not letting it get to you, well done.xx
Sorry about your holiday. My partner works for HBOS and we were cheering ourselves up this morning. Money certainly helps in life but I dont think its the be all and end all.

I think our wedding budget will be cut by quite a bit though! hey ho! i can get a bargain wedding dress if I skinny down- so thats my way of dealing with it.
Sorry about you're holiday. We are in the same boat and were due to fly to Egypt with XL on the 12th October. We tried to find alternate flights but they are costing the earth. Luckily for us the hubby had taken a loan out a few days before we found out to pay of some of his visas, so we are dipping into that (not very sensible, we know) and are now going to Cyprus instead.

We are the lucky ones, if it hadn't been for that loan then we wouldn't be going away either. I really feel for those who have missed out on their hols completely this year because of all the companies going bust.

Well done Percy greenfingers for having such a positive attitude and willpower. I hope you get the holiday you deserve in the new year :)
Sorry about your holidays - that sucks, I live for my Jollies

At least you're seeing the positives

Sorry to hear about your holiday :(
Our honeymoon tour operator went bust(just after 9/11). They had paid for the flights but we arrived in Barbados totally unaware and had to pay two thousand pounds out again for accomodation we had already paid for and then claim it back when we got home!
We applied for a refund through ATOL mid October and had the money back by Christmas so hopefully you won't have to wait the quoted six months :)
Stay positive :)
We were in Santorini last week (when the news about XL broke) - to ensure we got home on Tuesday, we had to pay €2K for 3 flights home (as opposed to the direct one we flew out on with XL) and we lost a precious day off the week, travelling (4.30am start - home at midnight) and given we booked flights only we aren't covered by the aviation regulator in Ireland for reimbursement........Grrr. Sorry rant over.

Percygreenfingers - you'll have a much better time being a slimmer you on holidays, good for you seeing the positive. :)
Thanks everyone, Amanda it must of been awful for you on your honeymoon aswel, glad it didn't take so long to get your money back though. And you Minz, to be stranded like that must've bin lousy, at least I was still at home.
Take care

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