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Can't believe it!


Getting her sparkle back
Today I went to tesco to buy a new sat nav and was wandering around the clothing aisles, bought a pair of size 14 jeans there 3 weeks ago which were starting to feel a bit baggy, decided to give the size 12's a go and could not believe it when they fit!!!

This diet just amazes me everyday, before I never would have dreamt of being a size 12. When I started LL my goal was to be a size 12 by the end of RTM and I cannot believe that I reached that goal in Week 12! Am really happy the size I am now but am going to keep going till the end of Foundation, then do 4 weeks of Developers to get to my goal weight before I start RTM.

I hope this doesn't sound like i'm bragging, was just so happy and really wanted to phone someone to share the news but couldn't think of anyone else who would really understand! This forum has just been brilliant, don't think I would have got here without you all!

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Wow Hannah you look fabulous.Congratulations. YOU MUST FEEL GREAT. XX

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Congratulations - its great to be able to brag and know that people fully understand how you are feeling. Well done.
Can I ask what developers is ?


Getting her sparkle back
Bizzare! Will try adding the photos again!! Not sure where they've gone...


Getting her sparkle back
Congratulations - its great to be able to brag and know that people fully understand how you are feeling. Well done.
Can I ask what developers is ?
Thank you NuttyMe!
Developers is the stage after foundation. If after the 14 weeks you still have weight to lose you go onto Developers, where you sign up for 4 week blocks. It's the same as Foundation, 4 packs a day etc.etc. and just helps you lose any remaining weight before RTM


...we're sinking deeper.
You look positively radiant and so very beautiful. Your happiness shines through - what an achievement! I remember the feeling of that 'size 12'. It's a magic number, it's the start of what we perceive as a *normal* acceptable size.

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your joy with us!! :D


is Magdalicious
It's nice to see some familiar faces here! :)
You look absolutely gorgeous darling. Well done!

I am returning to LL on Monday and I am sooo excited yet terrified I will mess it up again (sigh)

How do you all do it to stay so slender after you've completed your foundation. I failed miserably and I am so ashamed of it :(


...we're sinking deeper.
It's true what BL said - do not be ashamed. You just haven't found that lifestyle which works for you YET! :)

Weight loss and maintenance really is NOT as straight forward as "Just because it's off - I don't have to worry about it anymore!". Maintainers really DO think about their food choices EVERY DAY, and the weight WILL slide up and down a bit. It's not a constant.

The key point is to 'reign it in' a bit before it gets out of hand - but there's always a little room in there to have a small trip and fall. Dust yourself off and keep walking!



I will do this!
you look wonderful Hannah, thanks for sharing with us... reminded me of that moment.. must get back to that! x


Determined to succeed
Hannah you are looking absolutely amazing huni. Im off tonight to my older sister's 40th birthday party so will add a pic or two tomorrow x

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