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Can't deal with "I told you so's"

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I read an article this morning in best magazine about Pauline Quirk and Coleen Nolen and has kind of put a downer on the whole maintaining thing. I cant imagine paying out all this money for it all plus more to go back on. Am quite scared tbh!!!

I wont deal very well if i put it back on and everyone goes i told u not to do it blah blah blah!!! Advice? :( xxxx
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Tough But Sexy X
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To be fair Coleen lost loads of weight when she was doing dancing on ice, her training schedule would have been significant to the loss and so without maintaining exercise to thar level she was never going to keep it off!

As for Pauline, she is still on LL and has clearly said in interviews that she knows she has to change her eating habits after LL!

The is a phrase used on here alot and that is if you always do what you have always got! I love that phrase as it does what it says on the tin! I know if I eat rubbish like I did before to the point of greed, which is most overweight people's issue then I will obviously put it back on. I intend to use the counselling to it's full potential and also continue to pop in for WI's I have to accept I can't treat my body the way I used to which is the reason I started LL! Being slim is a far nicer experience than a few minutes of pleasure whilst eating!

What I am trying to say is dont worry about it, focus on the sexy slim you and nothing else, visualisation is another key to success!

Stay strong my lovely xxx
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I think Lady T has said it all but I'll had my tuppence worth too ;) LL is not the "quick fix" that people perceive it to be. Yes, the weight comes off FAST but there is then a 12 week route to management programme introducing you back to food and helping you work out what foods agree / disagree with you and also identify foods that trigger you to overeat (for me bread week was 3lb gain!) I don't think there is any diet that will help us lose weight and then enable us to eat whatever we like afterwards and stay slim. It doesn't work like that. If I put the weight back on now having finished LL then it will be because of me and only me. It would make no difference whether I'd lost the weight through LL, Weight Watchers or moving into the gym - if I don't eat sensibly and incorporate exercise into my daily life then I will put the weight back on. Simples.

My advise is to take every opportunity to take everything LL has to give - counselling, course materials etc. and see RTM through to the very end. Then the hard work begins and it'll be down to you to prove them all wrong! Good luck xx
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Im only 4 days in but feeling the same, however will not allow myself to spend this amount of money then stuff my face and put it all on again.

The choice is down to the person and the choices they make themselves, I have a friend who lost 4 stones on the plan over a year ago and still is the same weight.


Tough But Sexy X
S: 93.4kg C: 88kg G: 73kg BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5.4kg(5.83%)
Marie_Georgina86 said:
Thank u guys - feeling positive again :) xxx
Coolio that's how you will get through this and maintain xx
Hello Marie Georgina,
Glad you are back in a positive frame of mind.
When we start LL most of us think it's a miracle diet that is drastic, but sees quick results. As you get into it more you will find it is much more than a diet and offers you the tools you need to change your relationship with food, and more importantly, with yourself forever. If you take that advice and information and engage in the psychological side as well as the diet, see it through to the goal you set and then do RTM (Route to Management) which is a controlled 12 week re-introduction to food, then there is no reason why you can't maintain your weight loss.
Most of us didn't eat normally before LL or we wouldn't be here. If you go back to your old ways when you reach goal then inevitably you will put weight back on, but if you take the opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship with food then you have a fabulous chance of success.
Good luck, I look forward to watching your progress.


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It is the second time round for me. Yes I put the weight back on that I had lost. Do you know why ? I went back to eating exactly the crap that I was eating before, and trust me it was crap. I totally disregarded all the good advice and CBT i had done on program. Personaly reasons, the plan works but only if you tackle your thoughts x
I am a returner too and I put all the weight back on all except for a stone. I know what I did wrong didn't go to the finish line and went back to how I ate before. Stay positive...

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