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Cant even get it over my boobs!!

The dress I brought the other day for holiday (July 1st) is a size 14 but lipsy size. Anyway I just tried it on and I can't even get it over my boobs properly!! So I'm debating if I should take it back or not :( but il be so embarrassed taking it back! So far iv lost 24lb in 22days. Got 5 stone to go. :( :(
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please try again
hun youve got just over 5 months to go. are you returning it because its too small now ( it wont be in 5 months ) or do you think it will be too big by july?


Why Be Normal?
Keep it -- if it doesn't fit right when you are skinny minnie -- then ebay it. Hang on your fridge! ;)

I should take my own advice and hang my skinny jeans in the kitchen.
sumayyah said:
hun youve got just over 5 months to go. are you returning it because its too small now ( it wont be in 5 months ) or do you think it will be too big by july?
Because it's too small now and worried it's not going to fit :,(


please try again
hun if anything it might be too big in 5 months time!

i struggle to get anything that isnt made of stretchy material over my knockers, lol

you say you have another 5 stone to go to your end goal? very acheivable in the space of 5 months if your on plan
Iv got a week off in feb for my op so I'm hoping that won't mess things up! I'm so determend this time! My boobs aren't the big eaither lol
you should be fine, stop worrying. if anything happens it will be you don't like it anymore as there's other fantastic stuff around. i'm not sure on lipsy sizes. i know jane norman come up very small and although i'm a 12/14 i get a 16 from there.

i'm a next 14 and a m&s 12/14.

when i started my journey after my first child, emily, i was 17 odd stone and still in maternity gear as i didn't want the reality of knowing what size i'd actually got to but i recon a 22. by the time i finished my journey feb to june i lost 4 1/2st and was then a size 14. i feel pregnant again so stopped cd. after, matthew (the dude) my 2nd and last child i was just over 15 stone. however, i ate a bit too much after him as i was feeding him and felt hungry. my weight went back up to 16 odd stone and i started ww. when he was 10 months old i stopped feeding him and started back on cd again - feb! i was just under 15st and went down to 11st 10lb before my iron levels dropped too low to continue. i hadn't got to where i really wanted to be but i was running loads and doing a half marathon.

i had a lot of stress during my absence from cd with my mum going in and out of hospital, loosing a toe, being in pain going on morphine so i drank a bit too much wine. in nov i returned to cd as my iron was ok and had put on weight and gone to 13st. from nov to dec i lost most of my weight before xmas and am almost at my 2nd goal. each time i start back i get my motivation back. you might find that taking a short break for you op is beneficial to you.

the story is long but as i went along i developed a desire for clothes and my style changed. even now there are thing i bought last time i was thinner that i'm not bothered about wearing. you need to start saving money for you new wardrobe as clothes cost a fortune :) you are always going to find differing sizes in different shops too.


Why Be Normal?
@great things -- you have done sooo well. Thanks for posting your story. it is good to hear that you find motivation after a restart.


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