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cant find a counselor so should i just order it and go at it alone......any advice


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Are you sure? Have you rang Cambridge and talked to them about it?

I used to travel 50 miles for my CDC. You can only buy CD from a CDC

Have you thought about lipotrim? There will be a list of chemists on their website

Don't give up. There will be a way to succeed
Irene x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Give Cambridge HQ a ring, not all counsellors are listed on web site. They may find one for you.

Where are you? It is not a good idea to go it alone you need to buy packs from CDC's. Good luck, I'm sure they will find you a CDC.


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Yep I second what everyone else has said.You can only buy the products from a counsellor.If there isn't one near you it might be worth travelling anyway-I drive 10 miles to mine as I preferred her to the ones nearer me.I quite like the drive now-it focuses me :)


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I've to drive to mine too but I make it a date with my husband now. He drops me off and waits on me then we go to the nearest Borders and i have a cup of tea and eat a bar. It's very nice! Not as exciting as young people's dates! But I like it ha!


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Mines a little drive from me, quite a nice drive though. There is one in a local community centre near me, but she runs a drop in class and i dont think i could handle bumping into someone I knew so early on in the plan.

You cant buy products anywhere else but a CDC, I even asked a few if they could mail order me some, but they wouldnt without seeing me first.

Im sure there is going to be one in your area. You can do it, dont fall at the first hurdle.


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Hang on a mo...

Ryansgirl, are you actually in the UK? Or do you live somewhere else? I read your other post about being confused by all the different websites--but here in the UK, you can't order CD that way, you get your packs through a CD counsellor. You can order them online in the US but that version of the Cambridge Diet is different to the UK one.

Just wondering...
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no i'm in the USA south carolina. is that going to issues? i ope not i really want to try this diet. It my last hope before forking over the money for gastric bypass.
You're very welcome hun - in the UK you cant buy CD online or in bulk, only from a CD counsellor - but the rules are different where you are ...so all's well!

Some of the products are slightly different - but on the website link I gave you there is also a forum there for support & advice specific to the USA version - of course that doesn't mean you have to abandon minimins though!! :D

EDIT: Oh, thanks for the compliment!

debs xx

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