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Can't look at another spag bol or cottage pie!!!! please help me!!


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Hi all!!
Im on day 10 and have been 100% but i made the gargantuan mistake of ordering 28 spag bol and 28 cottage pie and 28 oatmeal. I had tried all these a few times when i did s and s before and I liked them but now I want to puke when i think about eating another spag bol or cottage pie and the oatmeal is so disgusting.

I wish i could live on the dark choc truffa bars.lol. I have completely gone off the meals. On the next order, should i order shakes and maybe the three packs per day instead of four?

The only thing keeping me going is that sometimes i have chicken or chicken with stirfry veg from chinese. I won't give up but it's killing me to have two more weeks of these packs!!

Please help me. any suggestions would really be appreciated. thanks!!!
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I did the same with the spag boll , oatmeal and latte shakes lol ...I ended up making another order just to throw some other flavours in the mix x


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Make another order and sell the ones you have on eBay as soon as it arrives? Packs tend to go quite high on eBay I believe :)

Quick warning, be careful of the chicken+stir-fry veg combo from the chinese - make sure there's no sugar, cornstarch or extra oil added, or else you might end up with weird stalls. Take care sweetie! :)


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awww thats a shame
I love the cottage pie and spag bol. Do you have them on their own or with veg?
Mix the cottage pie up with some mashed turnip to give it a more normal texture - yummm
I always have the spag bol mixed thru salad too.

Porridge I hate! Have a big pile of both kinds! Cant go it at all!

We should have a swap shop!!!! lol


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S: 12st7lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st9lb(13.14%)
Thanks ladies. Some fab suggestions. I deffo will watch out for the chinese. veg is making me sick as well,lol. all the brocolli and cauliflower!!!. I have to finish the order i have as I am not working at the mo and we are really struggling as have four kids and only hubby working.

I think, ill just have three packs and a protein meal until next order and then order a variety of shakes and bars and some different meals!!!. Im doing this until at least November so I need to get my act together!!!


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S: 19st10lb C: 17st12lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 1st12lb(9.42%)
I didn't think u were and didn't ask anyone to swap me!

I just said we should have a swap shop! Would save people buying and selling on eBay!

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I don't really enjoy any of the savoury items, but I can tolerate the shepherds pie with worcester sauce, makes a big difference.


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OMG I love the oatmeal..... lol... let me know if you list em on ebay lol...


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Literally just threw away 3 x cottage pie and 2 x tomato chilli! They make me heave!!!!!
OMG defo don't throw any pack away sell them on ebay! I've seen packs going for more than the retail price which make no sense whatsoever but if people are willing to buy them you might as well make some cash!
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Hiya :) i had the meals for about the first 4 days but really don't like any of them, so for the last 10 days ive been living on shakes and bars and it suits me fine :) i always a have a hot chocolate shake in the morning then my bar for lunch then grilled turkey with cabbage and green beans for tea and my shake as a mousse for supper and i look forward to everyone :) :)
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Ooops!!! I didn't think selling on eBay was allowed, hence why I chucked them!!!
It's a shame you can't swap them back when we reorder......


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You can't buy/sell/swap on minimins - but there's nothing to stop you doing these things on other sites.

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