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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by AmandaJayne, 25 March 2007 Social URL.

  1. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    I haven't been able to post for a couple of days because my back has gone into spasm:( , and I find it difficult to sit and type. Extremely unpleasant. I have tried, but it's too sore! Back soon though!
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  3. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    AmandaJayne I really feel for you, must be bloody agony :(

    Hope you're getting some relief through some good medication and hope you're up and about soon.


  4. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    :vibes:Sending you my good health vibes, AJ. Really hoping you're feeling much much better soon.

    Look after yourself, big hugs!

  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Aww Amanda. Poor you. Back pain is awful. Hope you find something soon to relieve it

  6. pokerstar

    pokerstar Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Hope it feels better soon.

    Christina x
  7. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Sorry to hear you're poorly...hope you feel better soon!
  8. AngieBabie

    AngieBabie Silver Member

    Lighter Life/Cambridge
    Look after yourself AJ and rest up. Angela x

  9. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Plenty of painkillers and keep moving, you must gently keep it moving or you will cease up.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  10. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi AmandaJayne,

    That is terrible:eek:

    I do hope your better soon. Have you tried Arnica for it...Arnica is very good for pulled muscles.

    We will miss you but you must look after yourslf first and foremost.


    Love Mini xxx
  11. mags1x

    mags1x mags

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    Bit of this bit of that
    oh no!

    get well soon!

  12. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Ahhh, big hugs from me. hope you're feeling better soon.

    Joolz x
  13. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    :hug99: hope you're better soon AJ :)
  14. nce1

    nce1 is a reader not a poster

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    hope your feeling better soon
  15. scooper

    scooper Full Member

    Began with LL, now CD
    Get well soon.:hug99:
  16. cheerydino

    cheerydino Full Member

    Lighter Life
    So sorry to hear about your back! I so know how you must be feeling! I am currently on sick leave for three weeks now due to my backpain but it isn't as bad as back in 2000 when I was off work for 4 months. It was very bad that I fainted once. Luckily, it happened at home when my sister was present (I was living on my own at the time!)

    This time it is different because I am determined to keep moving. Looking after my baby is quite challenging. I take ibuprofen which helps. I know they are to be taken with or after food but as far as I am concerned the foodpacks are food!

    Hope you get better soon!
  17. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    Thank you all for your lovely words, I have managed to get myself in a semi-comfortable position to type. I'm on the recliner with carefully placed pillows and the laptop within reach.

    I have had to take time off work - a very rare occurance as I am usually disgustingly healthy. I guess that rest and more rest will help with the healing process and I am trying very hard to do this (lets face it, I can't do much else, you should have seen me trying to put my socks on this morning - hubby was certainly amused!). I went up the high street this morning to get some arnica (recommended) and walked very, very slowly with a slight list to the left because I can't actually stand upright. Lots of pensioners whizzed past me!

    Next week I am driving down to North Wales to see family (6 hour drive - ouch!) and have made an appointment with a lady in Llandudno who cured me last time it happened (three years ago) with a combination of manipulation and acupuncture. She said that it would take three days for the muscles to recover from the treatment, and incredibly she was right. Three days later and bingo - I was 100% again!

    Hope you all behave yourselves. Cheery, it must be very difficult for you with toddlers to deal with, you have my complete sympathy. At least I don't have to carry anything or cook for anyone - my kids are old enough to cook for themselves and me!
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  19. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Good to see you feeling better!
  20. AngieBabie

    AngieBabie Silver Member

    Lighter Life/Cambridge
    Glad to see you back Amanda, I wish you a speedy recovery. Angela x
  21. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    Hi Amanda Jayne

    Poor you sounds awful!

    Hope you can make the most of the rest away from work. Hoping your pain eases as speedily as it came.

    Thanks goodness for recliners and cushons eh!

    Dizzy x
  22. Yorkiegirl

    Yorkiegirl is happy being Yorkiegirl

    HI AJ
    hope the lady sorts you. Would be interested to have her details as I am often in N Wales and my back is not so good atm, nothing like yours tho!
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