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cant stomach these shakes and soup

S: 20st10lb G: 16st0lb
:cry:i am so determined to do this diet iv dun it before and felt relativly ok. BUT this time around i cant stand these shakes and soups i am missing 1 or 2 a day cus it makes me gag just mixing them up. i am not hungry but feel to give in as i just cant keep these shakes down even when i do drink them i struggle not 2 be sick shortly afterwards. im hoping its just my body ajusting or maby im under the weather i dunno all i know is im not very happy at the min and sooooo tired and lathargic its ridicilous. roll on week 2 tho cant give in just cus i dont like somthing:sigh:

iv decided 8 weeks maby 12 on this then im switching to slimming world. i hate ths diet but love the results lol
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Hi hun, sorry you feel like this at the moment.... you need to be really careful though as you arnt giving your body what it needs by not having (or keeping down your 3 shakes) If it carries on, i would suggest doing 2 shakes a day and a protein meal like chicken salad. Ive heard the weight loss is still very good doing it this way, but obviously not quite as good as 100 tfr

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!


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Does anyone know if you are allowed two bars a day on soul source ? I did have two for first four days of this week and lost nothing and am on week 3 of sole source so am gutted to have had a wasted week , can anyone think what else may have caused this ?? I lost 14lb in week 1 and 5.5 in week 2 so really wanted another 5 this week as have a lot to lose !!! :break_diet:
S: 20st10lb G: 16st0lb
im going to do 8 weeks and take it a week at a time. i have added black pepper to my soup to hide the taste i know its a no no but needs must. im taking my vanilla shakes bk monday to exchange for soups too the strawberry is barable if ist made with ice cold water so as long as i have a shake 4 brekky and 2 soups at least im getting in all 3 :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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You must take three products a day to get all required nutrition. If you don't like them, have you considered exante or be-yu. Taste might be better.
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you can't carry on like that you need the 3 shakes a day to get all the nutrients.
have you tried making the shakes in different ways? i can't stand them unless they are ice cold straight from the fridge and i now make them with more water like someone on here suggested.
i cant drink the strawberry one just the thought makes me feel sick!
I tried the vanilla one made up with cold coffee and that was delicious.
i hope you find a way to make i work for you soon xx
S: 20st10lb G: 16st0lb
i am changing all my shakes for soups. i cant stand them i really cant. the soup is quiet nice tho might keep 7 strawberry and rest soup hate the vanilla with a absolute passion it remines me of gone of milk lol. but finially managed 3 soups 2day so im getting it all in i think i will be ok on them gunan see about teh flapjacks next week i remember the nastyness of them but i also remember sitting in the cafe with my coconut one and dipping it in my peppermint tea gross haha but worth a try,. sneeky weigh in today and 9lbs off in 4 days :)


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One word ... STRAWS!

If you get the straw right to the back of the mouth you won't taste anything. Hopefully will work for you.
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Hi jelly belly
I'm the same. I just can't swallow the shakes. I start to retch . So I have 3 soups a day. The soup is fine. Boring but it's like cup a soup. Im just finished day 3 . Can't believe Im nearly half way through the first week!
S: 23st4lb C: 21st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st9lb(7.06%)
try the vanilla one made with black coffee and a couple of sweeteners its lovely then x
S: 20st10lb G: 16st0lb
ewwww thats the worset ne 4 me ikkkkyyyy.. the strawberry i can just about bare. the soup is lovley tho iv swapped all my shakes in 4 soups now. getting my flapjacks thursday afer 1st weigh in


bye bye belly
S: 16st1lb C: 14st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 1st5lb(8.44%)
ive just made up, a big pot of hot water + a vanilla + spoon of coffee + sweetners. Its lovely xxx

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