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Can't think of a catchy title...

for this thread! But I did think it was about time to introduce myself to all you lovely supportive people!
Let's see, I am a supply teacher (primary) and spend lots of my winter coppicing - as in chainsaw and felling trees, dragging logs, chopping wood etc. One might think that would make me very fit and healthy but it doesn't seem to! So, got to 12 st 8 and decided I really really needed to do something about it. I refused to begin to buy size 18 clothes so had nothing to wear! A lovely friend of mine introduced me to SW and I do it from home. I have lost 13lbs since mid Dec. A touch slow and this last lb for my stone is stuck! lol BUT, I am now a 14 - 16 again and I do feel much better. I am aiming for below 10 stone.

I do mostly EE days, although as we don't eat much meat I wonder about looking into green days. Not got my head around that yet. Fruit and veg are yummy and I love Britmum's Slimming eats site.

I have started the Couch to 5 K and did manage to complete week 1 day 1 today! Yeah me! have a dodgy knee so not sure how much running I can do. I will take it slowly. Like cycling and will get back into that when the weather is more pleasant.

Ok, that is me - I might put up food diaries sometimes, but not sure about it! Bit lazy...
Food wise I am a muddle as I am mostly wheat and oat free which means almost everything I eat is rice based (bread, pasta, lasagne are all made of rice)

I am enjoying this site and being slightly obsessed with reading up on things. Your insights and support are so great and I hope I can encourage others!

Right, now to drink my second pint of water :eek:

best wishes all
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So, today I have had FF yogurt with fruit and 2 pieces of toast. Lunch was SW lasagne (small portion, veggie,) with lots of salad and SW humous. dinner will be SW cottage pie with lots of veggies on the side, and I am going to have a go at making the chilli corn bread. Hmmm! I will need some luck with that one!
3 pints of water so far and snacked on a pear and some melon.
Not a bad day!
Tuesday and Wed I have meals out, so will have to see what happens! Have to decide between getting anything I fancy, or being good, might do one of each I guess :)
welcome to slimming world, your in the best place here lots of lovely support and tips recipes ect. Ive been doing couch to 5k too ive completed my first week and am off out to do my first day of week two tonight a bit worried about the extra running but should be fine. what day are you on above it doesnt say? it looks like extra easy but wasnt sure its just on extra easy you only get one hex a and b which would be one slice of bread for hex b, be careful of hidden syns like your marg for your toast but everything seems fine
ive just read your wheat free so your rice based not 100% sure on that one but will ask my consultant tomorrow night or post a thread on here asking if they are classed as free and hex b's sorry wasnt much help
Thanks Karen, so helpful of you! Yes, I am extra easy at the moment. I know the bread and Marge are synned but as I don't know how much I work on a roughly principle! Bread today was my treat, multigrain brown rice bread very small slices! So, I figure I haven't gone over 15 syns! Lol
On days when I know the sums, like crisps or choc then I am more accurate

Many thanks for posting, makes me happy!
thanks chick
what marg do you use and you syn per teaspoon full for marg and if you send me the name of the make of bread i will check it for you xx
I use flora light at the moment, have about a tsp a week, if that!
Need to learn to count syns more accurately! Lol
The bread is juvela multigrain. I think! Might be made by glutafin, will check when I am out of bed!!
flora light is 1syn per teaspoon and your bread is 4 syns per slice chick so you could prob have more syns
im not 100% sure on the Hex i will check but i cant see why not but i'll ask tonight when i wi, good luck with it keep posting your diaries and i'll check any syns you are unsure of online. oh and i sent you a friend request hope you dont mind
You are so kind Karen, lovely!
Breakfast : melon, grapefruit, 2 kiwis, muesli (28) and muller light.
2 coffees with milk heA

I have lunch out with a friend so will have veg soup (homemade all free and sf) mid morning so I am not too hungry and make a wiser choice over lunch! Lol. I will not consciously syn so that my syns cover lunch

Have left over cottage pie for supper which I will have with large salad

Nice long walk to do too so hopefully a good day.
Hope you all have a good day too, keep positive!

Ps, Karen , i think I am now your friend, but I might have to make 50 posts before I can do anything!
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Hi silly sausage! Great to hear from you! We use the wood to heat our water and our home mostly. We took out the gas, very brave/ crazy???
So, lovely hot fire going in the woodburner and logs all over the place! I don't mind you being nosy :)

Better update my diary bit. Walked 4 miles, had jacket and chicken tikka for lunch and left over sw cottage pie, beans and sweetcorn for tea. Lots of fruit now with a yogurt. Bit light on veggies today, not much choice where we ate out, at least I didn't eat chips!

Hope you are all well, and motivated. I am frustrated, this pound is glued on, I have been working on it for 2 weeks!!! Lol
That sometimes happens! It will come of just stick to plan you are doing great!
Hi silly sausage! Great to hear from you! We use the wood to heat our water and our home mostly. We took out the gas, very brave/ crazy???
So, lovely hot fire going in the woodburner and logs all over the place! I don't mind you being nosy :)
I am very envious! I live in a big city so am not allowed to chop and burn stuff :( Able to grow food though so that is a good way of getting mucky and cutting out the middle man. I think it is very sensible of you to get rid of the gas. When the Russians cut the pipeline, we'll all be round to your house for a bath!:0bathtime:

Good luck with your weight loss journey :)
Yeah, we are ready for when the power goes off! Lol
Thanks K for your encouragement. I really really need this lb to go now! I want to say I've lost a stone! Sigh

Ss I enjoy gardening too but the wood keeps us do busy we don't get to it much.

Diary: yog and fruit for breakfast, measured muesli heb

Snack: 2 gluten free brown rolls with extra light dairy Lee (heA ) and cucumber. No idea on syns for rolls. 4 each?

Lunch: chicken/ bacon chips and salad. Not many chips- about 10 and not very oily

Dinner: last bit of left over cottage pie, beans and sweet corn

5 mile fast walk!!

Promise to eat something different tomorrow, rest of cottage pie is in the freezer.

Hope to do c25k week 1 day 2 tomorrow too

Not sure on total syns due to meal out, but think all ok!

Oh, 28g of walkers baked crisps. Need to look them up. That helped with the 2 hours on the m25 tonight! Lol

Hope you are all well
Tracy x
Easy day again!
Scrambled egg, 2 toast, brown , gluten free dont know if they are heb or not

Lots of water

Lunch: small portion of sw veggie lasagne, chopped tomatoes and sweetcorn. Cheese on top heA

Dinner: sw oriental stir fry with lots of veggies
Pud: fruit/ yogurt etc

Syns; alpen light 3
My bread?? 8 if not heb

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