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Carb Craving/PMT


I am one of the 63336
Does anybody have any tips on how to overcome carb cravings at PMT time.

Having stuck to Cambridge (bar a small tin of tuna) for 18 days I've just eaten bread for England.

I'm so b***dy furious with myself but know I can't do anything about today and have to draw a line under it BUT it would be handy to know if anybody has any tips on how to not succumb?

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Girl on a mission
Really hard to resist the carb monster:p but on the days i'm really bad i always have an extra shake or do a ss+ meal...have been known to have 5 cd products at tom :rolleyes:
Don't buy any bread? :D

Sorry, I know that's not helpful but I couldn't resist...........:eek:

Could you maybe talk to your CDC about going up a plan, just for a couple of days or maybe a week, when you are due? So if you're SS go to SS+ or maybe even 810, just for the few days it takes. Possibly being "allowed" that little extra would take the edge off your cravings and let you have something without you falling too far off your plan?
I always ...always ...always craved carbs on ss/ss+ and without fail would have an extra pack...or an SS+ meal... it was the ONLY way id get through it... that AND going to bed mega early!!!

Your not alone its bloody hard around totm x


I am one of the 63336
Thank you ladies xx

I was really despondant about this but my OH has given me a big boot up the bum. He said that if I stop being pleased with what I've achieved so far he's going to make me sleep in the bath :-D

His suggestion is to have a small stock of bars in the fridge. My craving day is usually just one day so would only need to be a small stock.

Luckily he's on a week off work the next time PMT time is due so wil be able to keep an eye on me.

thanks for your support xxx


hoping for a good loss
hugs hun, I feel your pain. I am the same when PMT hits.

Nasty little witch that pmt

Charlie xx


This is the last time!!
Well, I came on today and I am poorly AGAIN, so I decided to 'treat' myself to a SS+ meal. I have been having dizzy spells on and off through the day and knew I needed something - hubby went and got me half a spit roasted chicken and I took the breast apart, had half of it with 4 thin slices of cucumber. I'm not going to lie and say it satisfied me but it helped.
why dont you get some extra bars and have little pieces as a treat xx


I am one of the 63336
Thanks for the tips and advice all.

I'm over the PMT bit - it only lasts one day and dies down before my period hits (won't start until about Monday) but my glands are up so I guess it's a combination of things. Maybe I would have beaten the craving if I didn't have the lurgy lurking?

I'm knocking up a list for my consultant of requirements for April (usually do it week by week but we've both got breaks during April so getting my order in early! She's still going to see me once a week but could be straight in/straight out on one or two) and will include a couple of extra bars in that.

Thank you all once again xx

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