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Carbaddict...to GI lover via CD!

Well day 2 for me! And so far so good. Got the headache I was warned about.
But I've got a mega busy day so no chance of me relaxing. But at least if I'm busy I won't be eating!
So day 1...
4 litres of water
Choc mint hot...oh yummy!
Toffee walnut...lovely!
Veg pack...made into crisps...WOW I'm addicted to these!
Went to bed feeling very pleased with myself only to wake up with really bad tummy craps at 3am. TOTM had arrived early :(. So bed with a hot water bottle and paracetamol. Hubby got fed up with me wriggling all over the bed...like you do! and went to sleep on the sofa! Tummy is so sore and all I feel like is a lovely slice of hot buttered toast...any chance Cambridge will bring that favour out! So having my peppermint tea instead.
I'm trying to spread my packs out so going to have my first at 10am, 2nd at 1pm and last at 6pm. I'd like to get an idea of when everyone has their packs so I'm not starving at 5pm like I was last night! All advice welcome.
I really want to stick to this. I have tried every diet going but never lose much and always regain. I have to do this for my own sanity as well as my lovely family. :)
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hiya carbaddict

well done on completing your first day!

i was wondering about totm, maybe its just coincedence but mine came on day 2 of starting cd (with LL it was exactly the same) but on both occaisions its was a couple of weeks early?!?! mine lasted for a week this time (unheard offor me) do you think the diet kick starts your system or something?? anyone else had this?? not worried at all just curious as its happend with both vlcd's for me.

anyway carbaddict, i save my packs till meal times as then i can sit with my family and eat when they do, if im hungry in between its a serving of lots of water (i drink 6litres per day) which keeps me going, keep up the good work!
I'm only a few days early Lizzie, but I'm normally exactly 28 days to the letter! WEIRD!!
I will follow your lead and have my packs with the rest of the family. The kids thought it was weird me eating crisps last night when they were tucking into my fav homemade fish and chips! OMG I'm proud of myself for resisting that meal and cooking it! And then sitting eating crisps instead which I have to say were fab!
Going to try the muffin later although may take some advice I read on here and have half a pack as a mufin and half as a hot drink.
Water wise...none so far, does the tea count? or should it be just plain water?
Right better start the manic day I have ahead with a shower then...kids sports stuff, food shopping, some more Crimbo shopping and loads wrapping, bath the dog, clean the house, oh drink a load of water! the list in endless...Oh I love the weekend!!
Have a good one all.
S: 22st8lb C: 22st4lb G: 21st1lb BMI: 51.9 Loss: 0st4lb(1.27%)
yes, the tea counts. i refill an evian 75cl bottle and drink drink drink till ive drank 8, try one an hour, good luck
ps how did you do the crisps? i done one before but they were soggy and burnt!
Hi hun, well done on getting through day 1 (arguably the hardest day of all) have you tried making the chocmint shake with peppermint tea? its totally delish!!!

Lizzie, the crisps do take a bit of practice but they are oh so worth it, I never had a successful batch until I bought a nonstick microwaveable mat (I had tried baking parchment,greaseproof etc etc all were disasters) Now I get perfect crisps every time!
I find that in my microwave the first batch to go in always takes longer than the following batches so it pays to keep an eye on them!

Well here goes day 3!!:D
Have been tempted to jump on the scales but resisted...can't wait for my weigh in!
Oh I do hope I have a good loss this week I'm trying so hard especially on the water front!
Lizzie, like Irene my crisps are perfect! I'm using the microwave baking sheet from poundland that someone recommended on here a while ago. Its fab! I made 30 crisps and snacked on them over and hour. Very filling.
Had a really busy day darting here and there and fell into bed after watching the Take That live programme! It was better than I thought it would be.
Had a lie in this morning until the kids decided to have a fight! So up and ready for another manic Sunday!
S: 22st8lb C: 22st4lb G: 21st1lb BMI: 51.9 Loss: 0st4lb(1.27%)
well done carbaddict, youre doeing great! going to see if i can find a baking sheet/mat thanks girls!
ps ive moved up another notch on my belt from last week!! woohoooo!!
Thanks Isobel. It so hard though! But I'm spurned on that I may be a stone less for Christmas Day! And at goal by my birthday! And of course seeing the photos of the ladies at the conference! WOW!


I STILL mean it!
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I wish I could have got Libby on the photo as well, but we couldn't find her, and there was a ldy called Polly who we thought was a miniminer as well.
Ann x
OMG this diet is so hard!
Hubby & kids tucking into a homemade curry as I type! And it smells so good. But I managed to cook it and serve it without even a nibble or a lick of the sauce that got on my hand!
Got to up my intake of water as haven't had anywhere as much as I should have today...2 litres to go!
Only realised an hour ago that I've been so busy today I hadn't had a shake yet! So got one down and 2 to go before bed. Think I'll make some crisps to munch on while I'm doing the ironing mountain later!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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Hiya carbaddict - you are doing great!

Yes, it is hard, but the longer you stick to it the easier (in many ways) it gets. I love cooking for my daughter and , like you, resist the urge to taste, lick fingers, spills...etc. The crisps are an art from in some respect.. lol.. I set fire to my microwave 3 times!!!! So watch them! lol

You are really doing well carbaddict, you WILL get there if you want it bad enough.. and that 70lbs will vanish so flippin quick you are going to be amazed!! Honest!! love the ticker... lol... don't get tooooo excited about AAM though.. (although I have to say, I enjoyed every single crumb...) lol

Try making a stuffin' muffin when you do it though... it is yummy... chicken and mushroom soup made into a muffin and served with 2oz chicken breast, 2 spoons veg (from the list!) and a stuffin muffin... scrummy!

Get through your first week unscathed hon and the rest will be a doddle!! Looking forward to sharing the journey! As for the water intake... try drinking a pint everytime you have a shake, crisps, muffin... plus have a pint by the bed.. it's just a case of forming new habits really... often with the crisps I can drink 2 pints water... it makes them last longer (always a good thing.. lol) and gets loads of water inside you!

Have a great day! You're doing brilliantly!
Well, after a loss of 10lbs! I went on a carbaddict binge yesterday! Was out 'n' about and had lunch with Mum (jacket & beans)! that started the ball rolling...she doesn't know I'm doing CD! Then got home an hubby had put spuds in the oven for dinner as well! So had another jacket with tuna & salad! This morning as well as the massive guilt I'm feeling very bloated.

But as I've read a million times on here I'm picking myself up and starting agin this morning.

So 2 litres of water down already! Shake at 10am I'm hoping this will be a goodday.

Off out into the rain! OMG is it raining cats, dogs and even elephants!

Hope everyone is well.

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Two litres already??? :eek: :eek:

OMG you're a star! I'm struggling to get the cold stuff down in this weather .... I'm doing my best to get AT LEAST the CD recommended minimum but am finding it hard to consume the 4 litres I was managing not so long ago.

They say water is the key so I'll just have to get my act together, follow your lead CA and get glugging!!

Hope you have a great (carb free!!) day :)
OMG just in from taking kids to school and that 2 litres was about to burst out! Note to self: must go to loo before walking to school with kids! or end up walking home with legs crossed! :eek:

RD...I'm following your lead! I've seen your photos OMG WOW you look amazing! Hope to meet you at one of the Wemitt gatherings I see are being planned. I would love to meet everyone!

Have a good day all.

Can't do January busy, busy, busy! But will come to maybe the Summer one.
Just spent an hour taking apart advent calenders! 80 of them!! I got them for 1p each in Sainsburys and managed to avoid a handful of women fighting over them!! I didn't even nibble a single choc!! Them smell has made me feel rather sick to be honest.
I'm back on track today after my binge of jacket spuds yesterday. And counting down the days until my next meal on Christmas Eve with family, then Christmas Day back on Boxing Day. I won't be eating potatoes and doing my meals like add a meal but I will have to have gravy!
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)

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