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Care Bears Food Diary!

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!

Ive been on slimming world for just over 7 weeks and have been writiing my food diary down in a note book - along with other things like excercise and goals etc!) so thought it may be time to do it on here - seeing as i visit this site everyday!!!
So here goes!...

Red Day today :D yum (love red days!)

Bannana and Mullerlight Vanilla Yoghurt
4 Alpen Light Bars (HEB x2)
BBQ Chunky Chicken pieces (1/2 syn for 1 packet)
Mullerlight Orange yoghurt
For Dinner:-
Burger made from lean mince, onion with a laughing cow extra light cheese triange in the middle, green salad, tomatoes, onion and mushroom.
Fruit Salad for puds!

On late shift tonight so stuck in work til 8.30pm!!! rubbish so its the good old microwave for warming up!!!
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Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Day 2 of the food diary...
Red Day again today! :D

Fruit and Yoghurt
HEB 2 Alpen Bars

Rocket Salad and BBQ chunky chicken pieces (1/2 a syn)

Extra Lean Mince Meatballs
Pasata (with Basil & splash of balsamic vinegar)
Laughing Cow cheese triangles mixed in!

It doesnt look like im eating all that much today because i feel a bit poorly today :(
Hope that doesnt mess things up... i dont imagine it will, its only 1 day after all!!!



Gold Member
hey Care bear - are you counting your Laughing Cow as HEA - you need to make sure you have enough calcium!

It doesnt look lots, i agree, but as long as you are having enough fruit and veg, which it seems you are, i think you will be okay!

You also dont have enough syns per day (0.5 per day is below the normal of at least 5 per day)....have you looked at this before? xxx

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Hi Hun,

Ta for the advice!
I know what you mean, Im a nightmare when it comes to syns! I know i really need to get some more syns in but i cant seem to fit them in! im stuffed after the free food i eat and I find it hard to cram summat else in! I do manage to fill up on fruit and veg tho so im def alf way there!! I use milk and laughing cows as my HEAs usually and Aplen lights as my HEBs! I usually have 4 of them!!! i cant get enough of them!!!! xxx



Gold Member
syns are EASY to use up - a HIFI bar is 6 syns if not using as a HEB, and cooking olive oil is 6 syns - which will make your food taste nicer than spray oil !!!?? Curly Wurly is 6 syns too - you could have one a day as a snack :D

xxx just some ideas - im sure you can think of some other things that might be healthier! :D

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
ooo and I have had a small skinny latte - HEB x1
and just had a muller light yog! yummers. x

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
yeah definately! How do i do that?! xx

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Today... another red day!!

Ive had to take most of my food to work with me today as I am on the late shift (12noon -8.30pm)
so in my bag of goodies i have the following.....

Alpen Light bars (HEBx2)
(I dont think id survuve without these!!)
Tescos Mexican Fajita ready to eat chicken pieces
(The BBQ ones are 1/2 a syn for the whole pack and the Tikka ones are free! I know i should prob have checked the syns in the fajita ones first, but im putting a max of 5syns on these just incase - Ill find out for sure later!)
Seafood Sticks
Rocket Salad
and a Vanilla choc muller light
Skinny Latte (HEA)

For tea im having Extra Lean Mince Burger with laughing cow cheese (1syn), mushrooms and Salad.

Went to Aqua Aerobics last night! soooooo much fun and really felt it! definately going again next week!!!!

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Today im having a go at green!!!


Alpen Light choc & Fudge x 2 (1HEB)
Skinny Latte Large - HEA and 5 syns to be on the safe side!

Dried Egg noodles
Soy Sauce
2 Laughing Cow ExL cheese (2syns)


Alpen Light Bar x2 (HEBx1)

Jacket Potato
Reduced salt & sugar beans
Laughing cow ExL cheese x2 (2 syns)

- I dont do many green days as I find it hard to think of free foods that will fill me up, I cant eat too much startchy stuff as I dont think its helps with the old PCOS!!!!


Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Red Day Saturday!!

Lean Bacon with Scrambled egg and a laughing cow cheese (extra Light)

Lean beef diced cooked in soy sauce and fry light and an egg


Mullerlight yog

4 alpen light bars (HEb X2)

very busy day today! xxx

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Thanks Allie,

Im such a wally - I always forget to write down that I have milk in my coffee as my HEA!!!
I have muller yogs and fruit as my superfree stuff which I have everyday....

I usually use my syns on Laughing cow extra light cheese triangles, but the other day i was soooooo busy I didnt even have time to get any in!!!! rubbish! xx

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Yesterday (Sunday) was a Green Day...

I cooked roast dinner for the family, and was toying whether to have a red or green day - the meat looked delicious, but a roast isnt a roast without Potatoes and Parsnips!!!
I made th family a normal roast, and did myself a SW roast at the same time! so i had the following....

4 alpen light bars (HEB x2)
Muller light yog
Milk as HEA
Laughing cow cheese triangles (either as 3 syns or 1/2 of a 2nd HEA)

Veg Soup:
Carrott, Onion and 1 potato
Knorr Chicken Stock Cube
1 Laughing cow extra light

Roast!!! (veg was roasted dry using fry light)
Sweet Potato Mash (with 1 laughing cow cheese extra light)

Apple & 1 laughing cow cheese triangle (extra Light)

A very tasty day - i dont usually like Green days too much as it makes me feel quite peckish! I dont really fill up on the free stuff cos pasta and carby stuff makes me feel a bit bloated!!!!

Back to red today!!!


Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Red day today!

4 alpen light bars (HEBs!)
(i know i should vary my HEBs, but it seems to be working with me just sticking to these, and I think cos i like them so much its helping me stick to the diet!!)

2 Muller yogs
Tesco Chicken Tikka chunky chicken pieces (free on red)

3 egg Omlette with Lean Bacon & Mushroom
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Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Red Day....

Skinny Latte (HEa)
4 Alpen Light bars (choc & fudge) HEb x2
Muller Yog (free)

Lunch..... not sure yet - nipping to tescos shortly! I HATE trying to think of things for lunch! - plus I have to go home and see to the doggie!!! Maybe i should plan ahead the night before!!!
Ended up having Tesco BBQ chunky chicken pieces and a small carton of Really Light Ribena!
1/2 syn for the chicken...not sure if RLR is classed as a low cal squash.... ill need to find out!!

Beef Stroganoff (from the SW magazine March) - Looks very yummy!!!
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Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Red day today!

Breakfast: 2 Alpen Light Bars (HEB)
Muller light yog

Lunch: Stewed Steak (tescos) & Mushrooms

Dinner: Lean Mince Beef Burgers (homemade! - NO roll/bun) Laughing Cow Extra Light
Salad, mushrooms and onions!

Aqua Aerobics tonight!!! :D

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Beef Stroganoff (from the SW magazine March) - Looks very yummy!!![/QUOTE]

I made this last night - It wasnt very tasty so I wont be having it again :( !!

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Red again today!

Breakfast: Muller you (free)
Grapes (SFree)
Pineapple (SFree)

Snack: 2 Alpen Light Bars (HEB)

Lunch: Smoked Salmon (Free)
Salad (free)
Poached Egg (SFree)
1 Laughing Cow Extra Light HEA

Snack: 2 Alpen Light Bars (HEB)

Dinner: Steak, fat removed (free)
Beef Stroganoff (from the SW magazine March) - Looks very yummy!!!
I made this last night - It wasnt very tasty so I wont be having it again :( !![/QUOTE]

I had this on my list of receipes to try but not quite so sure now lol......love your diary :D I'm no longer lurking and will be a poster lol


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