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Career Advice - Kinda CD related...

Now that i have almost reached goal wieght :D, i have been thinking of becoming a CDC. But I would like to maintain for about 6 months to a year before i do become one, just so that i can be more confident about it and be more of a motivation and inspiration (and show that you can keep the weight off even after doing a diet like CD :)).

The reason for this post is that i am a little confused about my career direction. I am planning on training to become an Early Years Practitioner and then maybe a Part Time Primary Teacher and then possibly an Educational Psychologist/Play Therapist (yes, i have a lot of career aims :rolleyes:, lol).

But i have always been interested in nutrition and exercise :), always. I would have loved to become a fitness instructer or a physiotherapist but i have certain limitations to career because of my culture etc :rolleyes:, which i have learned to accept and i am happy with :).

Its just i would still love to do something thats related to diet and exercise alongside my work with kids. I was thinking of taking a course to teach boxercise, which i could do at weekends or a fitness course and teach ladies only (i know there is demand for this amongst the asian community). I am thinking of joining Rosemary C after CD to help maintian my weight and i would love to be able to teach the exercise classes that they offer but i dont know how i would go about that.:(

So i was just wondering if anyone here has persued a career path similar to what i have in mind regarding diet and fitness. At the moment i think becoming a CDC would be a fab start :D. I would also like to do a counselling course and a life coach kinda course because i have personally been through a lot to get to where i am today, especially after going through a breakdown and depression and being diagnosed with another illness, which is still sometimes hard to accept :(.

I am sorry for the long post but my mind is everywhere at the moment, especially with almost reaching my goal with CD and starting uni (hopefully) in september. I just wish things could be simple, lol.

I would appreciate any advice :)

:thankyou: xx
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Sorry sweetie, no advice, just a big hug :hug99: and well wishes with your illness.

Oh, and tons and tons of good luck wishes for your career ahead, sounds like you have a lovely heart and want to help people in all aspects, good on you!! Well done on your weight loss so far, won't be long before you're at goal.

Best of luck
Jo xx
Awww, thank you for your lovely post :hug99: . Your kind words have made me smile :)

Since i got unwell i have had the best support possible from my health team and everyone around me and i really want to help others and make their lives better too. But as well as working with children i now that diet and exercise are a big part of my life. If i can help people feel the way i feel about myself after diet and exercise and feel they can accomplish anything, then i want to do it.

I hope you have great success on the diet. I have noticed that you have already lost 9lbs in your first week, that is an amazing start. I lost about 5lbs in week 1 and then it was about 3-4lbs every week after that. It really is a great diet.

Let us know how you get on :) xx


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I always find writing things down and trying to put them in order of priority helps me.
you have done fantastic with you loss, good luck for the future.
I always find writing things down and trying to put them in order of priority helps me.
you have done fantastic with you loss, good luck for the future.
Thank you for your advice :) . I find that i am always writing things down, sometimes on odd pieces of paper i find lying around, lol. I find writing things down helps me too but sometimes i find it difficult to prioritise.

I know i want to start on my path to work with kids from september with my university course but i dont know when to start with becoming a CDC or taking an exercise/instructer course. I am thinking of starting the exercise/instructer course when i am fitter and then the CDC in a years time. I have so much planned for this year tho and i keep thinking of more things to do all the time, lol.

Just last week i decided that i am defo going to go abroad to volunteer in schools in third world countries and i will do this after i finish my degree. Then i want to get married a year after that.

After doing CD i feel i can do anything, lol, and its the most amazing feeling in the world. Stay strong with the diet ladies because you are doing so well and when you succeed to reach goal weight, it will feel like such an amazing achievement and you will feel on top of the world :)

xx :)

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